Helldivers Bug Wipes Player Progress

Developer Arrowhead has acknowledged a problem which some players are having with Helldivers, the most serious of which is a bug that erases your progress if your PS4 controller runs out of battery power.

If your controller dies whilst playing, the game will erase all of your character progress and spawn a new level one character when you plug the controller back in. If you do not restart before getting to a checkpoint then your old character will be overwritten.


Arrowhead have explained on Reddit that the upcoming patch 1.03 will fix the problem, as well as other bugs which players are finding with the game. However, there is no date yet for the release of the patch so until then make sure your controller is fully charged or plugged in.

Source: VG24/7



  1. Very strange bug. I’ve not encountered it myself, thankfully.

    Despite the bugs such as this it’s an excellent game that unfortunately doesn’t seem to have much traction, despite the great reviews it got. It’s some of the most fun I’ve had with a game in a long time.

  2. Who let’s the controller run out of power? You get a warning long before that happens, at which point you plug it in to charge, don’t you?

    More worrying is that list of bugs says it has problems when some people have updated the game to 1.02 and some haven’t. For an online only game, why does it even let you start the game without updating??

    Top marks for them owning up to the bugs and what they’re doing about them though. It’s an excellent game, even if “accidents” are too frequent. And hilarious.

    • I believe EU weren’t pushed the update at the weekend and everyone else was. Hence why some have it and some don’t, I’m still on 1.01 for this reason, its just not available in Europe.

      • You’re right. I’m on 1.01 still.

        It’s still weird that they’re letting 2 different versions of the game connect. A definite recipe for weird bugs, as they seem to have discovered.

    • I’m really OCD so I always plug my controller back in after using it.

    • I let mine run out only cause I habe 5 controllers lol so I can afford to let it die

      • It isn’t good to let lithium ion batteries go flat, long term capacity suffers.

  3. Cheers for the warning.

    Just to clarify… If I get an alert telling me my controller battery is running low so decide to turn it off to use another controller, will that think the battery has dies and wipe my player progress?

    On another note, tried this out last night for the first time playing co-op with a mate and had a laugh. I’m liking it so far, especially when you spin your player round with the right stick doing Wonder Woman impressions.

    • I’m not 100% sure whether that would do the same thing, just to be completely safe it would probably be best to plug your controller in to charge just in case. It’s a very strange bug.

      • Yeah, better safe than sorry.

        The game is full of bugs to be fair! ;)

    • Everyone does the capespin thing. They obviously knew this would happen too, as there’s that “Dancing Queen” trophy for doing it 25 times in a row on the ship without moving.

    • I’d like to think that would be okay. One disconnects without any warning to the PS4 that it’s about to shut down. The other is a choice made with you thinking “hell, this is going to run out soon, I’d best switch this one off and let the PS4 know”. The PS4 can account for that in a different way, I’m sure.

      If not, one HELL of a bug! :-\

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