Spotify Rolling Out Today For PS4 & PS3

Sony has confirmed that Spotify is rolling out to PS4 and PS3 today, replacing the Music Unlimited service that came before it. That service ended yesterday meaning those who used it on things like the Vita, Smart TVs, or mobile devices will no longer have access. Those who did have a subscription to Music Unlimited will receive a two month free trial of Spotify Premium.

New Spotify members will get a one month free trial of the Premium service, as will existing members who have not had a trial before. After these trials Spotify will cost £9.99 a month, and this will allow you to listen to music while gaming at the same time. Existing users can link their current accounts to the PS4/PS3 app, and control the music through the mobile app.


Sony is keen to continue updating the app with Spotify, with new features currently in the pipeline. What those might entail is under wraps for now.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Have been waiting for this for a while. Absolutely love Spotify, managed to get it at £4.99 a month too which is a steal.

  2. I guess like Microsoft they’re never going to let you just copy your cds/mp3’s to the HDD and listen to your own music.

    • You can put them on a USB and listen that way.

      • Yeah that’s almost what I want but not quite.

    • Agreed. Sony feel like they want to inconvenience us on purpose sometimes. Swines.

    • Have you tried the dlna streaming option with X1? I was getting a crap experience via usb, but I can just ‘throw’ content from my phone to my X1 now and it’ll play. The drawback is that it doesn’t support background play ( unless I’m doing it wrong), and you need to install 2 apps on the X1 for it to work.

      I’m doing this from the xperia Walkman app no less! So I imagine compatibility is full like dlna should be.

      • I haven’t tried that no. What I really want is background play with the full screen showing the game, none of the snap shenanigans. The original xbox, 360 and PS3 (kind of) did it so I’ve become used to it over the years and its a shame it seems to be gone. I understand companies would rather we signed up to a subscription service but I just liked the simplicity of how it worked on previous generations.

  3. A few points…

    1. The Spotify app shows up when you reboot the PS4 if it’s not there already. It pops up in the first slot on the XMB, and then you need to download it.

    2. If you’ve got Spotify on a phone or tablet, use that to link your account. Start the PS4 app, then the mobile app, and follow the instructions (which might not be entirely correct – I had to go into Settings on my tablet and use the connect thing there)

    3. You’ll want to use the mobile app (or the desktop app), since searching on the PS4 is a bit crap. Searching shows up songs or albums, and even playlists. But not artists because reasons. I assume.

    4. It neatly plays in the background while you’re playing games on the PS4. Hold the PS button and you get a nice little extra menu item. You can pause it, skip forward/backwards a track, and change the volume. But if you’re in a game, you can’t access the Spotify app on the PS4. Which is where the mobile/desktop app comes in handy. Or pick a suitably long playlist.

    It’s a perfectly serviceable app. Does what it’s supposed to. But it needs a lot of work. I get the impression it might have been rushed out to fill the gap left by Music Unlimited closing and wasn’t quite as good as it should have been.

  4. Two months free premium isn’t a bad deal. But I doubt I’ll resubscribe after. I don’t stream music on a regular enough basis to bother anymore.

    • Yeah ive just got my 2 months free but I used to use music unlimited everyday at work to listen to whatever was new. Its a lot better than listening to the same 5 songs repeated on capital

      • Where does it tell you that you have two months free? I was subscribing to MU.

  5. It annoys me that you have to suspend/resume your game to enter the Spotify app and change playlist. For some games that are single player that’s not a problem but for always online games like the crew or destiny it logs you out and returns you to the title screen, which is a problem. That needs sorting out!
    Other than that I’m very pleased with the free service of Spotify, the odd ad here and there doesn’t really bother me, I’ve discovered some awesome playlists already.

    • Use the app on a phone or tablet. Or the desktop app. It quite neatly controls Spotify on the PS4 from there. (Of course, that gets into a whole other argument about why Spotify are a bunch of muppets that want to do things their own way. While everyone else put something handy like Chromecast support into their apps, Spotify refused)

    • Cant you use your phone to change the playlist?

  6. This is the catalyst I’ve needed to make me try out Spotify. I reckon having a university email address will come in handy if I decide to get premium :p

  7. I’ve waited almost a decade for a seamless music experience on a console like this, awesome. I wish it was on my X1 too.

  8. Is there a free option (ad supported maybe), or is it just premium?

    The free option would be nice of course, but can imagine it being a little distracting if shooting someone in the face & hearing an advert regarding nappies.

    Don’t think I want to plump for the £10 a month option. Seems a bit steep when I have a wealth of music I already own & could be listening to (if I chose to).

    • Yes, the free version with ads works. They even got rid of the restrictions on the free version they introduced for a while. It was suddenly ads, plus a limited amount of streaming per month, and you could only listen to any song 5 times, ever. Or something stupid like that.

      Currently, the free version seems to be unlimited, but you get ads fairly regularly and there are certain things you can’t do.

      I can imagine ads could be quite weird at times. What would the most appropriate (or more amusingly, inappropriate) ads for when you’re shooting someone in the face?

  9. I might give the trial a bash but I doubt i’ll be opting to keep the premium version at a tenner a month. A wee bit steep considering I payed a small fortune for my cd collection.

  10. Tried it and i’ll be sticking with the USB player.
    Not sure who it’s aimed at really – people who don’t buy the albums they liike? People who enjoy having their listening pleasure punctuated by adverts? People who just want to rent music temporarily? People who don’t want full functionality from their PS4 apps and would prefer to be using a mobile phone?

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