Bethesda Teases Zombies For Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Zombies and war seem to go hand in hand, with the undead rising in franchises like Call Of Duty and Sniper Elite. It appears Bethesda doesn’t want to miss out on that action as the studio released a Vine earlier today that appeared to show Wolfenstein: The Old Blood will include zombies too. While it remains unconfirmed the evidence does seem pretty conclusive, and you can judge that for yourself.


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood was announced last month as a standalone prequel to the events of The New Order. There was also confirmation that the game would get a physical release on PS4 and PC in Europe, while an Xbox One or worldwide physical edition has not been confirmed by either Bethesda or Machine Games. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood will be releasing from May 5th.

Source: Vine