(Updated) Mortal Kombat X DLC Makes Fatalities Easier, Gold Rewards Allegedly Reduced Post Patch

Fatalities have always been combos that players must learn to pull off, but it appears that Warner Bros. Interactive has decided to offer to make these easier for a price. Players can buy packs of Easy Fatalities which make the inputs for the brutal moves a lot easier. There are two different packs available for purchase including one where you can buy five Easy Fatalities for 79p/$.99, or 30 for £3.99/$4.99.



Outside of this there are reports that after the release of the Day One patch the gold rewards were severely reduced for players. Gold is used to unlock items in the Krypt which is said to be very large in Mortal Kombat X. This news comes via a post on the Mortal Kombat subreddit, with some speculating that the patch was put in after reviews were close to completion.

I have MKX early and yesterday I was playing it all day and streaming too. The game is really awesome :D Now that’s out of the way. Yesterday they released a update 1.8GB and it is supposed to fix the game and stuff, but me and 2 friends of mine noticed 2 bad changes after we all downloaded the update. The game became harder especially the tower boss and you get way less money for story mode and normal fights. My friend used to get 2.500 coins on a boss fight, now he gets 200 on the same boss fight after the update.

There is an option to buy all the Krypt content for £15.99 too if you don’t want to grind for the items. TSA is yet to review Mortal Kombat X, and you can expect that soon.

Update: It appears the PC version of Mortal Kombat X is suffering from technical issues that has seen the game crashing for a number of players. Apparently the issues is caused due to not all the files being downloaded before the game can be launched, a system that is used in other games on other platforms. Apparently the initial 3GB downloads but after that the rest of the game fails to do so, meaning past a certain point the PC has nothing to read.

Source: PS Store/Reddit/Steam Forums via VG247



  1. Warner just want money!!!
    I am loving the game and have spent 30,000 gold coins. Completed 3 arcade as Scorpion, Sub Zero and the new character Erron Black (think that is his name)
    Just went to Co tinge my story now.
    Oh before I forget it is hard to perform Brutalities but with a little bit of practice it becomes easier ;)

  2. I suppose its viable for casual gamers who will pick up the game or people who aen’t as good with fighting ames as others.

  3. The state of Video Games depress me to often. I understand that its aimed at “casuals” but honestly micro-transactions for a button input?

  4. A bit off putting. I think a ps+ version is likely so will hang on and see if that happens.

  5. Probably worth noting that you can win the easy fatalities via the krypt. I just got 4 from an unlock.

    Fortunately the regular inputs don’t seem any harder than normal – back, forward, back, forward, B, for example.

  6. Get out of here… Futility!

  7. So they decided to make the Fatalities easier by selling it as DLC. Despite the fact that MK9 is said to be easy in terms of fatalities and that part of the game is a core aspect of MK’s bloody charm and the statisifaction of pulling it off, they decided to just go “eff it, sell the easy mode as DLC.” I mean, it’s literally button inputs. They are selling button inputs as DLC! The unlock the entire krypt pack is just the standard DLC aimed at those who want everything without having the patience to play the game. Chances are, 90% of the content is concept art, codes for the fatalities and that’s about it. You can buy a few games for that price!

    As for the patch, seriously? Was it really neccessary to nerf the gold? I would understand if it’s used online but it’s usually used for buying stuff from the krypt and i doubt anyone would complain about being reward 2500 gold for beating a boss instead of 200.

    What’s next? selling health boosts to use during the middle of a fight? Pay to unlock the top secret super duper game breaking move that is only available if you pay for it? Batman?

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