PlayStation Network Maintenance This Wednesday

Now I know what you are thinking, “Oh buggeration, it’s going to be at 8pm just when I want to play Destiny / Hardline / Mortal Kombat / etc”. Well guess what? For reasons unknown the maintenance is occurring at a sensible time when no one is playing!


Have Sony finally listened to European gamers who always find maintenance windows slap bang in the evening when they wish to play games? Well no, the maintenance is just for the PSN messaging service, everything else will remain online and functional.

I expect the full maintenance windows will continue to occur in the evenings, possibly because Sony have a deal with the BBC to get everyone off their consoles and watching Masterchef.

For the duration of the maintenance the following actions will be unavailable.

  • Sending PSN messages
  • Receiving PSN messages
  • Deleting PSN messages
  • Changing the group message title
  • Dancing the fandango the cold moonlight.
  • Adding members to a group message

Source: Sony EU



  1. That’s the same time as the Destiny twitch stream tour of the new reef social space so a lot of Destiny players will be watching that anyway.

  2. I think Sony have changed their mind already. There’s no mention in that link of the unavailability of dancing the fandango.

    Obviously they’ve realised how important that is and have worked hard to make sure that’s still something you can do.

    Or someone’s making shit up again and sneaking it into their list. Which seems a bit more likely really. Naughty Mr Tuffcub. But I’ll let you get away with it because it did make me laugh.

  3. A time so sensible it met the fandango and evaporated from the article?

    • That’s what I was thinking. Just one question…. WHEN IS IT?! :-)

  4. Just this minute fired up the PS4 for a bit of BF4 multiplayer and there was a system update to 2.51. Is this the update scheduled for tomorrow that’s outlined in the article?

    • Doh. Ignore my comment. Got befuddled with maintenance and updates. The 2.51 system update seems to be a minor update compared to the the 2.50 release. It only took a minute or two to download and install.

  5. The PS4 has another firmware update now as well. 2.51. Nothing interesting. Possibly improves the suspend/resume feature for whichever games were getting upset at it.

    And also “System software stability during use of some fandangos has been improved”. Which I guess explains everything.

    • Hopefully that means Bloodborne as i had an issue with that when i tried suspend/resume. Mind you, none of my Bloodborne activity/trophies/shares show up on my Recent activities/What’s New feed either for some odd reason.

  6. Probably testing how maintenance effects psnow.

  7. Hope it’s to fix the recent party issues – seem to get kicked from them and new invites then don’t reach 100% sending status.

    Messaging has always been a bit hit and miss on PS4, so hopefully it’ll be better following the maintenance.

  8. Bugger! I had an hour set aside to dance the fandango tomorrow night!!

    • Well if it’s alright with you, we could postpone ’til Thursday. Gives me longer to prepare my dress ;)

      • Like you were going to wear anything at all!

      • Depends whether wearing my boxers on my head counts.

  9. Don’t know if intentional or not, but the description of actions listed sounds a bit like Jen’s ‘skills’ that she lists when being interviewed in the first episode of the IT Crowd!

  10. To save link-clickage, the downtime is “05:00 until 08:00 BST” (AM)

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