Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Gets Game Of The Year Edition

Warner Bros. have announced that their open world action-adventure game will be getting the Game of the Year treatment, collecting the main game along with all of the available DLC.

The new edition will contain both The Lord of the Hunt and The Bright Lord story packs. As well as the extra story elements you will also get all of the character skins which are available, some additional runes, extra challenge modes and missions. Also included for the first time will be a photo mode, so you can capture all of the incredible moves that you perform on those pesky orcs.


If you are yet to discover how good the game is then this may be the perfect opportunity. Our very own Jim gave the game a 9/10 saying “Shadow of Mordor is without doubt the best Middle-earth game available on consoles. Though not entirely original (then again, what is nowadays?) all of the elements which it borrows flow in sync with Monolith’s intuitive Nemesis system, creating something both immensely fun and replayable.”

The GOTY edition will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 8th and will cost £49.99, there is currently no news as to whether this edition will eventually come to PS3 or Xbox 360.

Source: MCV



  1. i think i’m gonna have to start waiting six months to a year before i buy games from now on.

  2. I am planning on getting this as a treat when my PS4 gets back from service. Perfect timing!

  3. Got this for Christmas but only started playing at the weekend. It’s brilliant – and I’m not really a fan of the movies. Well, the Lord of the Rings movies are ok but the Hoooooooooobbbbbbbbittttttttttttttttttt was awful.

  4. I always wondered if we gamers decide to not get day 1 releases when there are DLC announced in the near future before the game is released and wait for the complete edition….. surely the company would have lost sales right? And if it does there wouldn’t be a complete edition wouldn’t it?
    I always get day 1 games and still do but will never get a DLC unless it’s free!

  5. Good news. Been looking to pick this up. Waiting for Dragon Age GOTY now!

  6. This only means batman will get the same treatment if you wait a little longer to purchase it. Pre order going to get cancelled now!!

    Brilliant game this is if you haven’t played it, final boss battle underwhelming but the game itself as a whole makes up for it.

    • See the theory is good, you’re pretty much spot on that a definitive version will be released. The problem is that games like Batman and Shadow of Mordor were just too good looking for me to miss out on. Really don’t want to wait until the GOTY batman is out, I have no patience. I bet a small part of you will struggle too!

  7. Not sure if worth it, considering the price of the original game, plus the DLC for this game hasn’t received high praises. Maybe if the GOTY edition drops down in price close to the original.

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