Doctor Who, Portal 2 And More Confirmed For LEGO Dimensions

The LEGO Group themselves have leaked a number of packs for the toys-to-games title, LEGO Dimensions, and if you are a geek your wallet is going to be very empty when this game launches.



So it looks like I was wrong, there is a Portal pack but it does seem very out of place next to massive franchises such as Doctor Who, Jurassic World and The Simpsons.

The documents – which have now been removed – also gives us our first look at the Back to the Future, Scooby Doo and The Wizard of Oz packs.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Must. Resist urge. To bankrupt self.

  2. My God, I need them all! My son has been bugging me for Skylanders Trap Team for his birthday….but I may have to get him this too! (Mostly for me, obviously).

  3. Huh. I made a k9 that looks like that, about five years ago. Mine is actually about the right size for a mini fig though, has less detailing, and looks less malevolent.

  4. How does this actually work? I won’t get the game, but I might very well get these packs!

  5. is there any IP Lego don’t have a license to now?

    well, there’s Halo, Mega Bloks still have that, oh, and Call Of Duty.

    and Hasbro have Star Trek in their Kre-O line, along with Transformers obviously.

    sadly, despite having the Marvel license, i doubt we’ll see any of that in this, with Disney’s Infinity featuring Marvel content i doubt they’ll let any of it be used in such a similar product as Dimensions is.

    i’ve managed to resist these kinds games so far, but this one is really testing my willpower. O_O

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