Tales Of Zestiria Heads To Both PlayStation 3 And PlayStation 4 On 16th October

In a major milestone for the “Tales of” series, the upcoming Western localisation of Tales of Zestiria will see the game come to not only PlayStation 3, but also to PlayStation 4, on 16th October. A PC release will then follow on 20th October, replete with Russian localisation.


Originally release in Japan in January of this year, Namco previously stated that they would endeavour to localise Tales games within a year of their Japanese launch. However, that Japanese version was only on PS3, so the Western release of Tales of Zestiria will be the first time that the series has appeared on Sony’s latest console, not to mention the first time it has graced the PC in two decades of games. Heck, it’s been a good few years since there’s been a Tales game on anything other than a PlayStation 3!

Source: press release