The Elder Scrolls Online Gets A 15.9GB PlayStation 4 Patch

Considering how smegging long it took me to download all 50GB of the original game I’m not looking forward to watching the new Elder Scrolls Online update slowly creep on to my PS4.

The patch is so large “because it also includes patches 01.01 – 01.03.” The day one update, which included  01.01 – 01.03, was 15GB, so any eager beavers who got the game at launch are going to have to download 15.9GB of patch just to get 900mb of fixes.  Grrrrrr!!

Right, rant over, here are the notes, most of which also apply to the Xbox One version that was patched yesterday.

Alliance War


  • Fixed an issue where your game could crash when teleporting to a forward camp or keep in Cyrodiil.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to view campaign information or POIs on the Cyrodiil map after joining a new campaign.

Art & Animation


  • Fixed an issue that was causing grass to flicker.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Lyris to not walk properly on stairs during the tutorial quest.
  • Fixed an issue where particle effects would block your view in some cases while in first-person view.

Combat & Gameplay


  • Decreased the frequency at which you’ll run into invisible NPCs and ensures they will appear if you do run into the problem: This is an ongoing work in progress, and you may still run into an invisible NPC occasionally. If this occurs, please wait and the NPC should appear within 30 seconds.
  • Grouped Veteran Rank player characters of any level will now receive both experience and loot credit, regardless of their contribution.
  • Non-combat pets will now spawn into the game standing on the ground correctly, instead of sometimes being askew.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing monsters to appear desynched while in combat.
  • You will no longer be prevented from moving after dodge rolling while interacting with an object.


  • Bow – Snipe: Fixed an issue where the graphical effects for this ability could get stuck on your bow.


  • Fixed an issue where your game could crash once you fully upgraded your riding skills.

Crafting & Economy


  • Food items found in the world will now look and animate properly when consumed, instead of always appearing as though you’re eating a turkey leg.

Crown Store


  • Using the item “Crown Lesson: Mount Stamina” will now correctly update your mount’s stamina skill within the character UI.

Dungeons & Group Content


  • Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, the difficulty of a group’s dungeon would change unexpectedly.


  • Direfrost Keep: There is now a visible grate covering a hole in the floor.

Veteran Dungeons

  • Veteran Elden Hollow: Bogdan the Nightflame will now wait a bit longer to cast Pulverize if he just completed casting Daedric Flame, and will also wait to cast Daedric Flame after finishing Pulverize.

Exploration & Itemization


  • Fixed an issue where Glyphs of Weapon Damage were granting more effectiveness than intended when paired with the Infused trait.

Item Sets

  • Skirmisher’s Bite: Fixed an issue where this item set’s tooltip incorrectly stated it was increasing critical strike by a percentage; it now correctly displays a flat value.



  • Fixed an issue where the video at the beginning of the game would not play smoothly.
  • Fixed an issue where your game could crash while on a mount.
  • Improved the game’s performance when large numbers of player characters would load into the same visible area.
  • Improved the game’s performance in areas displaying a lot of particle effects.
  • Fixed an issue where, upon logging in, you could become desynched if you had logged out while traveling to another player character.

Quests & Zones


  • The Battered Bear Trap quest reward will no longer deal damage if it is manually triggered under enemies.
  • You will no longer lose the ability to move after interacting with the symbol of Arkay in the Blood Matron’s Crypt.

Alik’r Desert

  • Monkey Magic: Ferhad will now always be visible during all steps of this quest.


  • Sever All Ties: Completing the brazier puzzle will no longer block quest progression from group members who are standing nearby.


  • You will no longer encounter unusually long loading screens when reviving at the Razak’s Wheel wayshrine while in the dungeon.


  • Light from the Darkness: King Dynar will now reliably create a portal for you to use to get back to the Hollow City.


  • Slithering Brood: Takara the Eggbearer will now respawn more reliably if she or any of her guardians get stuck.

Khenarthi’s Roost

  • Tears of the Two Moons: Fixed an issue where you could not interact with Rurelion.

Main Quest

  • God of Schemes: Fixed an issue where it was possible to race ahead of your escort, which would result in you seeing graphical glitches.

The Rift

  • Shattered Hopes: You will no longer be prevented from progressing this quest if you log out during the quest step “Witness the Sacrifice.”



  • Updated the login queue so it now displays a status bar that fills until complete, and a spinning ouroboros.
  • Fixed an issue where vendors could occasionally be covered by the UI while another player character is trading with that vendor.
  • The quest tracker will now properly refresh after accessing the world map from the quest journal, then selecting a new active quest from a world map pin.
  • Removed a duplicate “Resend Confirmation” screen when confirming your account during login.
  • The leaderboard icon is no longer missing from the leaderboard notifications.
  • You will no longer lose functionality from the left analog stick after choosing Destroy and Back simultaneously on an inventory item.
  • The text explaining that you do not have enough crowns to purchase an item will no longer lock your controls after a tutorial popup occurs.
  • You will no longer dodge roll, then have the interaction menu open afterwards.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in a loop when attempting to join a group or guild voice chat channel.
  • Fixed an issue where any adjusted game settings would not save while you were visiting a crafting station.
  • The “Controller Disconnected” error message will now tell you to press the X button to activate a new controller.
  • Fixed an issue where game input wasn’t disabled while pulling up the PlayStation® Network overlays.
  • Fixed an issue where you could unintentionally bypass the Realm Select screen and go straight to character select.

Character Creation & Select

  • Fixed an issue where Cancel button would remain on the screen after you deleted a character and returned to the Character Select screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you would not be able to navigate within the Character Creation screen if you lost controller functionality and later returned it.
  • Fixed an issue where you could lose functionality of all navigation in Character Creation if you were disconnected while previously in Character Creation.
  • You will no longer receive a UI error when moving up once from the Dragonknight class in Character Creation and pressing the X button.


  • Adjusted the in-game text within the Smithing research UI so that accents will not overlap the text.

Grouping Tool

  • You will now be grouped with other Veteran Rank player characters within 5 Veteran Ranks when using the Grouping Tool.
  • Fixed an issue where normal Dragonstar Arena groups were not being formed through the Grouping Tool.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent groups from forming unless all members were within 2 levels or ranks of each other.


  • Repeatedly pressing the X button when entering the Guild History tab will no longer display a UI error.
  • Adjusted the text positioning on the bottom right-hand side of the screen within the Guild Trader UI.


  • When sending mail, you will no longer need to enter a C.O.D. fee twice if you filled in the “Send Gold” field.


  • Long location names no longer overlap over the zoom icons on maps.

Source: TESO


  1. Why have they done a combined patch? I’m certain other games have sequential patches. Definitely happened on PS3.

    • Does seem rather strange that those who downloaded 01.01 – 01.03 seemingly have to do it all over again rather than just download the 900mb ‘update’. All seems a bit backwards actually & TC’s growl was justified I feel.

  2. Wow, 66GB is a lot of data. I feel like I may need to update my PS4 HDD soon if games continue down this path.

    I really like the idea of ESO, but when I played the Beta it didn’t hook me in. The No subscription is definitely a big plus though.

    • Yeah, my console is starting to feel the pinch a little now too – Realised this when I became interested in The Order & discovered that was a 50GB install & became even more sad the other day when I realised that Batman is about the same. Suffice to say, I didn’t pick it up (despite my urges) as I will need to work through some of my backlog first in order for it to be viable. At least it’ll be cheaper when I do pick it up I guess.

      But yeah, large installs combined with mountains of plus games I have yet to play (which some seem to be inexplicably larger than they need to be for the content) & that 500GB soon gets eaten up.

      Kinda reminds me of the 60GB launch PS3 actually. Seemed a lot at first, but soon dissipates once you have a few games.

  3. Been really close to buying this on a few occasions, is it really worth getting?

    The 60GB space is a little off-putting. I’m finding that my HDD only allows for about 7-8 games to installed at once, and that’s being generous.

  4. There goes my gaming night and a wasted day of upgrading stuff that only does 24hrs until next upgrade. Ah well Gears of War 3 MP it is then

  5. And with that, my decision about ESO on PS4 is made. I shall instead buy it on PC as i can still use the PC for anything(i think) instead of playing any game that won’t disrupt the downloading process or can’t play anything because of it. That and it’s faster to download stuff on PC. I think.

    Also, this is fairly reasonable considering it’s an RPG MMO and not MOO as i almost typed. *Insert joke about cash cows here*

  6. 15.9gb is rather large really seen as though you only need 900mb. I’m glad I didn’t get this in the end. I’m downloading 5.5gb day 1 patch on my good fibre BB and its saying 5 hours to download. Is switched it on after 3 hours it’s still saying 4 hours so hope can that be? Let’s just hope this next maintenance is to speed up the network a bit.

  7. Strangely/fortunately the patch is only 530mb on xbox.

  8. At the minute my 15 . gb update is 2 hours through, 30 hours left, ridiculous.

  9. Which btw is after a 6 hour update on the first day

    • Shit, my PS4 was defunct all day waiting for the initial install -_-

  10. And yet we’re all still stuck in Jathsogur…

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