Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Gets A New Trailer And Crazy Beta Stats

The remaster of the original Gears of War was revealed before E3, but Microsoft and The Coalition took the time afterward to cook up a quick trailer for those who are curious about the single-player. If you’ve played the original, this will obviously all look very familiar. In fact, it might look a little too familiar.


The multiplayer beta came to a close a couple of days ago but a lot of in-game death and carnage took place during the short week it was available. We know this because of the fancy info-graphic just below.


If we break out the old math machine and toss in the total number of games played vs how many unique people played, each player ends up with an average of about 11 matches, which seems pretty high considering how long they can take and the fact that this was a beta.

Source: YouTube, Gears Official Website



  1. I don’t make a habit of watching comparison video’s, but I remember the original looking pretty dam good on the 360 so I was interested to see how the remaster compares.

    The fact it was on youtube and probably compressed etc makes it hard to judge, but it didn’t look too good at all. In fact, apart from the sky & the level of depth occasionally (if thats what its called), the 360 version seemed to look better.

    • Actually laughed at your last line. The beta looked fantastic, no way the 360 version looks better!

      • Yeah, it probably was down to a poor video.

      • That last line did confuzzle me a bit too. Much better and with 60FPS too.

      • As someone who’s seen and played the PC version of the original @ 1080p, the new one looks way better technically/graphically speaking.

        It’s got a different visual design going on though, there’s more colour and light. So it may be that you just prefer parts of the original design better. Which I’ll even agree with in some parts, as some of the areas have lost some of the dark, horror-vibe.

      • You’re probably right, it might just be the look they’ve gone for. I should imagine a Youtube video doesn’t really do it justice either.

    • OK, maybe I was a bit harsh. Edit… IN SOME INSTANCES the 360 version seemed to look better. ;)

  2. The beta was fantastic and it is a day one purchase for me. Getting Xbox One purely for Gears of War multiplayer. Been playing Gears 3 lately and damn the remaster is 10x better! I loves the first gears multiplayer maps. Cannot wait xD

    • Loved it! Cannot wait. Not quite as excited as the guy who yelled “it is emmergence day b*tchs” down the mic in my first ever Gears of War multi-player match all those years back, but certainly hyped all over again.

      You are not allowed to get an Xbox One Del – I enjoy seeing myself towards the top of the monthly Achievements leaderboard too much…stay away ;-)

      • Haha haven’t you you heard I have given up on trophies bud. Same will apply to achievements beside I can’t seem to recover my gamertag may have to create a new one :(

  3. They should have just remastered the original trailer too, the one featuring “Mad World” with Marcus Fenix looking into the puddle. One of the best game trailers I’ve seen, up there with Halo 3 and the kids looking to the stars.

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