New F1 2015 Trailer Released Ahead Of Next Week’s Launch

It’s a shame that F1 2015’s planned release was pushed back to July 10th, because it means that Codemasters will miss out on riding some of the excitement that always surrounds the British Grand Prix weekend.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t capture some of that same spirit, and are aiming to do so with this latest trailer for the game, focussing on the specific features and game modes from this rendition of the sport.


Things like the Championship Season, which has a new “broadcast presentation” style, and the Pro Season, which strips away all of the assists and forces you to race from within the cockpit view of these cars across 100% race destances and full weekends. These modes come alongside content to let you replicate the 2014 season (like having a German GP), and a new game engine built from the ground up for the current generation of consoles.

We previously went hands on with F1 2015 in April, as well as speaking to Codemasters’ Stephen Embling about the transition that Codemasters were making.

Source: YouTube via press release



  1. It’s uncanny how some tracks look look like their former gen counterparts except with a sharper resolution and effects tagged on. It makes me wonder if they have the new engine, but have reused assets from old games.

    I’ll be eagle eyed for TSA review nevertheless, providing we’ll get one.

  2. I’ll be getting it but I’m cautious about how good it will be or how much difference between 2014 there will be.

    • Well no actual career mode as far as I’m aware, but looking at gameplay videos, they’ve seemingly nailed the engine sounds and the physics look more nuanced.

      I reckon it’ll be good solid F1, but nothing overwhelmingly new in features or online.

  3. Looking good, as do the trophies. There’s a few difficult ones but most seem OK to get.

    I’m not bothered by the delay as Pcars and DriveClub have been keeping me busy.

    • Same, Proj has kept me busy. I need get my F1 wheel add on for the T300RS ordered sharpish, this release has crept up very rapidly. See you on the podium ;)

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