Podcast: Episode 186 – Mad Max, Fallout Shelter & Rocket League

Sadly I missed this week’s podcast. If you simply can’t stand not hearing my voice then don’t worry, I do make a cameo to warn you of Mad Max spoilers.

In fact it’s very worth pointing out that the podcast contains significant spoilers for the recent Mad Max film from Lewis, Kev and new TSA writer Dave Irwin. If you want to avoid them then give minutes 31 to 52 a miss. The trio also spent a fair amount of time talking about Rocket Cars and a bit of time on Fallout Shelter.

Beyond that, they also covered the news, where they spent a little time discussing the very sad passing of Satoru Iwata amongst other stories, and answered your questions.

Finally, it looks like we’re going to stop posting the podcast on SoundCloud for now. You can stream it over on our YouTube channel here or via the embed below. If you’d like to see it back on SoundCloud then do let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Very sad start with the Mr. Iwata news, but I think its appropriate to mention it when talking about last week’s news. Rest in peace Iwata-san – directly to you :)

    Every time someone said “fridge” reminds me of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9yAJKcIVxk

    Yea, on ROOKIE level maybe Lewis. From PRO it’s get much better. Just like Dave said.

    The game is a fantastic multiplayer experience. We played it a lot last weekend with friends from pssite.com (Polish PlayStation fan site). Great, pure fun.
    Thanks, Kev for the notice…AND Kris :D BTW. that was awesome.

    I also do not like Fallout. Mainly because I’m not into post-apo worlds and stories. Just not my thing. I played the third part, it’s great as a game, but I don’t get the hype about it.

    Yes, that answers my question and now I feel safe to who I listen to xD

    Short episode. Too bad I didn’t see Mad Max yet :( Had to skip a big part of the podcast.

    • I like that clip and you should definitely see Mad Max, it’s a great film to see in the cinema, great stunts, sound and music.
      I’ve only played Rocket League on Rookie and I also get that shallow satisfaction! Online it’s great, the servers seem up most of the time now and there’s usually a friend or two played! It’s a perfect game to have on PS Plus, I hope Psyonix get enough money from that deal. Speaking of which, anyone got any idea how much Sony pay to the devs of a game that launches as a Plus freebie?

      • I also hope they get enough from it, but in my opinion it was the best choice for them. From what I read, the previous game, which was almost the same on PS3, didn’t get the attention it needed to be a success. Adding this to PS+ “freebies” gave them exactly what they needed, plus now they will sell customisation items for the cars.

  2. I used Soundcloud to stream! But no problem, I’ll use something else.

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