Zombie Vikings Getting PS4 Physical Release In Ragnarok Edition

Rising Star Games has announced it is publishing a physical PS4 edition of Zoink Games’ Zombie Vikings, and it is called the Ragnarok Edition. Zoink’s previous title Stick It To The Man was good fun, and it looks like Zombie Vikings will retain the same kind of art style and humour as that title. The story for Zombie Vikings has been written by Zach Weinersmith, who created Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal web comic.


The story itself is about Odin’s eye being stolen by Loki. With all the other gods to busy to help Odin resurrects four Vikings to help regain his eye. The PS4 physical edition will have a couple of exclusive bits to it, which are:

  • 5 bonus Versus Arenas
  • 2 additional playable characters
  • An unlockable “Making of” Zombie Vikings development video

Zombie Vikings is set to release later this month on PS4 & PC.

Source: Press Release



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