Sony Announces Star Wars Edition PS4 Console, Four Classic Games Being Rereleased

Sony has just announced a new special edition PS4, and this time it is all about Star Wars. The console, which is emblazoned with Darth Vader’s face, will be available November 17th in three different bundles. The first bundle will include Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition and a voucher for four other Star Wars games. These are Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars Bounty Hunter, and they will all be playable on PS4. The graphics have been improved and they will all have trophy support.


The second bundle will be with Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition, which includes the Rise Against The Empire playset, and figures of Luke, Leia & Boba Fett. This bundle will also include the four classic games. The PS4 itself will be the 500Gb CUH-1200 version. As well as Vader’s face on the console the controller has also been inspired by him, taking on red & black appearance.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Okay, this is pretty awesome and it may well change my mind for the time being as I’m a massive Star Wars fan. Then again…

    • Why are you changing your mind?

      • Because he is conflicted between the dark side, the light side and for some reason, the mickey mouse side that is not rated and contains a lot of NSFW features.

      • Well unfortunately I don’t do sides, I’m like Boba Fett except I’m good at combat and I don’t get killed with a tap of a bargepole.

        It’s a case of what to go for first for me. Wii U doesn’t come into it, as I wanted that for handheld play around the house (and MK8 & Super Mario Bros). I was going for an XB1 first, later in the year perhaps, although I may give into the dark side for one of these first as I’d love to play those star wars games enhanced, plus a Darth Vader console is lovely when you’re a crazed SW fan like me.

  2. Ok, I already have Battlefront on pre-order, with a good deal from GAME (£10 off when pre-ordering soon after it was announced), and of course I already have a PS4, but I think I’ll have to get this – especially with the games it comes with.

  3. Looks great. I would never buy anything like this but it does look good. Shame it isnt 1TB. Should have been 1TB at launch. 500GB just isnt enough. Especially when you only actually get 400GB of useable space. Such a con.

    • It’s showing as 1TB on GAME, with a price tag of 384.99. A bit naff they charge that much for it, despite the 1TB. Hopefully other people are selling it.

      • Just checked the blog and it’s definitely 1TB for both bundles. Plus I forgot the game came bundled with the console along with the 4 classics, doh, so 384.99 isn’t half bad for all that.



    I mean, it looks very nice and for a cheap gimmick, it’s rather done well. They could have thrown in the force unleashed 1&2 along with the two games but i’m guessing as far as Disney is concerned, those don’t exist.

    Also, will we be getting a Yodastation? If not, i’m going to grab my lightsaber.

    • If only the lightbar was red. Or green for Yodastation.

      The Force Unleashed 1&2 were great games.

      • I,Steven hereby offically copyright that term on TSA and expect to be paid in biscuits or other popular food as royalty payments. Copyright 2015.

        They were flawed but great games. I did find the second one to be repetitive and I know it’s short but Starkiller’s story should not have ended with the death of Lucasarts. They should have either given him a big RPG that is completely seperate from the current universe(Obsidian would be best for it) or just one excellent final game without any Ewoks. Shame, as we probably won’t get any more games for Star Wars that is not shovelwave, Kinect Star Wars, shovelware etc..

      • Well there’s the vaderstation, the yodastation (buscuits in the mail) and the erm… jarjarstation… No? Too soon? Anyone? Meesa sorry.

        Havent played any other Star Wars games but I thought the Force Unleashed was great. The second game felt more like dlc for the first game but I still enjoyed it. Looking forward to whatever comes next!

      • GET OUT YOU RANDOM BUNCH OF INSULTS! YOU *BLEEP*! etc… followed by over the top reaction for the awful pun. This was the joke. Yes, i am dead serious.

        What kind of biscuits?

        The first one was the best and despite obvious signs of it being jackhammered into the canon at the time, it was good. Apart from sidous having purple lightning for no reason.

  5. I know they’d never have done it because changing the colours would break the “branding” but instead of the red circle button, the Cross should have been red and green lightsabers clashing.

  6. Awesome. Super Star Wars was one of the very first games I ever played as a kid.

    Hopefully, with Star Wars hype reaching its highest point this Winter, there will be more classic games being re-released. Would love to get my hands on Jedi Power Battles, Republic Commando, Knights of the Old Republic, and Jedi Academy.

  7. Looks good but they should’ve had it have a Jedi holding a lightsaber, which would be the PS4 lightbar. That would’ve looked ace.

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