Volume Will Receive Harder Difficulty & Patch To Counter Game Crashes

Volume has only just released but Mike Bithell has already announced changes and improvements that will be coming to the stealth game. First there will be a harder difficulty put in with checkpoints that only trigger when you are unseen, and a new character. There will be a new leaderboard introduced alongside this difficulty, where points are rewarded for pure stealth.  This mode will not have a story attached to it though, and those who are happy with the current settings don’t have to worry about things changing.

There will also be more promotion aimed at the level editor, and the content created by those who have decided to play around with the tool. The team are looking for suggestions on how to promote the levels within Volume and would like player feedback. Some minor fixes and changes coming to Volume include more language support, improvements for subtitle visibility, and a better settings screen.

On the PlayStation side of things the team are aware of the save data issue, and the issue where the game crashes if you exit a level as you get shot. The patch is currently with Sony’s QA and once it passes that it will rollout to players, which should be in the next couple of days.

Source: Volume Official Site