Volume v1.1 Brings Checkpoint Updates To PC Today

One of the main criticisms of Volume, both in the press and in the budding community of players, was that the checkpoint system was far too lenient, to the point of breaking some of the level design. Certainly, it was one of only a handful of complaints that I had.

Mike Bithell heard us all – which I guess is fitting given the game’s tagline – and has reacted quickly to alter the way that checkpoints behave. However, rather than a one size fits all approach, we’re to be given more options over how these checkpoints will behave, so that you can play how you want to.

PC players will be glad to hear that the patch is out today – the options can be found under “Basic Settings” – while it will soon be submitted for approval by Sony for PS4, and will be built into the game from the off when it eventually launches on PS Vita.

The three options are:

  • Freedom – This is the current version, which will retain the present leaderboards. Checkpoints are always on, and a player can always get to them, even when under attack. Speedrunners have shown a knack for it, but stealth-focused players feel it’s easy to “cheese.”

  • Lockdown – This is the new default setting for the game with a whole new leaderboard. Checkpoints are unavailable (they disappear) when any enemy is actively pursuing the player. This prevents players from being able to use checkpoints to progress without stealth.
  • Execution – A new mode, which also features a new leaderboard. In this mode there simply are no checkpoints at all when loading a level. The ultimate challenge for those who desire it.

Source: Volume blog

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  1. Refreshing to see how they have listened to their fans and the community and responded.

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