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Forza 6 Races Through Video Game History In A New TV Spot

TV adverts usually get dumped in News Snatch but the new commercial for Forza 6 is rather special. In it we see one of the Forza cars race through video game history, passing Pro Am, Pole Position, Chase HQ, and Outrun, before smashing through to new Forza game.

Source: YouTube


  1. A thing of beauty.

  2. Come on GT7! Don’t disappoint!

    • I fear it will. I mean GT are lovely games and a new one is bound to look gorgeous. However they’ve never truly innovated the series and many of the age old issues remain. (unless 6 did something amazing – never got around to that one)

      • It won’t disappoint, but it may take so long that people begin to stop caring and just play the awesome racing games that are here now like Forza and PCars. I know I probably will.

  3. OK, that was actually a pretty good ad.

  4. has anyone found the demo looking a little bit plastic?
    the trees dont look real and look a bit bolted on!
    the cars look nice and the effects look swanky but its just the damn trees..

    • haha, no. Although I did find it odd that the people watching the race in the rain have no umbrellas or raincoats on.

    • That’s because a lot of the trees are 2D, like in Gran Turismo. In order to save polygons/performance. It’s always been a bit weird.

  5. The ridge racer part makes me want a new rr game.

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