Podcast: Episode 194 – Sinister 2, ‘Til Morning Light & Prince of Persia

We continue a trend of reasonably short podcasts this week, largely due to the fact that none of us had played much that could be described as “current”. We were also hindered by an absent Lewis, apparently being a teacher is a lot of work, but Tuffcub joined Kev and I to keep things rolling along nicely.

Speaking of Tuffcub, he’s been fighting bravely to clear his backlog of games from the previous generation. To aid this endeavour he’s been playing the 2008 Prince of Persia game on PS3, which is a game I had some very foggy recollections of. What he shared of the game seemed rather positive though, so maybe I’ll have to see if I can find my copy. Tuffcub also related his views on the film Sinister 2, which were somewhat less positive.

Moving onto Kev, he’s played ‘Til Morning Light, a game that sounds suspiciously like Until Dawn but very clearly isn’t. For a start it features a science room and, possibly, a room full of towels. That second one might not be true.

Finally, I’ve got a few thoughts on the new DC You comics, which is their latest reboot of continuity. Along with that, there’s the normal coverage of the week’s news and the answers to your questions.

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1 Comment

  1. A TSA tattoo hmm, sounds interesting….

    Yep, totally agree on the Invizimals and Pokemon topic. If Nintendo would do a game where you could catch Pokemon in real life, with some advanced AR technology – infinite money !

    I don’t remember who said it at the TSA podcast, but: cool kids use android phones ^^. I love my Nexus 5 and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Did I already say that I don’t like Apple very much? No? Ok. I despite them ;]

    I’m not quite interested in “games” like Heavy Rain, B2S or the new Until Dawn. On top of that the PS4 title sounds like a game based on a B category teenage horror movie done in US – hate those movies ><!

    Finally someone else than me in the TSA community is playing older games! xD

    The Sinister 2 sounds like Until Dawn type of horror so again I’m not interested.

    Thanks for the answer Kris. It’s just something that I’m thinking about recently and was wondering how to get started the safest way. In terms of what I would like to talk about with a few friends is a general talk about games in terms of hot news/topics, game impressions of what we played, probably a lot in terms of comics/anime/movies. I would even say similar to you guys actually. Again thanks. Appreciate the hints.

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