Sing-A-Long To The Japanese Tearaway Unfolded Advert

Tearaway Unfolded hasn’t exactly set the world on fire on these shores, managing to chart at number 33 on the week of release, so perhaps it can do better in Japan. Or maybe not, as this is the advert.

At least it’s a catchy song, but the whole thing takes a dark turn when the dead-eyed grandma pops up at the end and tells you, well, see the screenshot below.

No. No no no no. Arrgh. Go away Grandma, I do not want a touch adventure with you!

Source: YouTube


  1. Tellaray! Tellaray! This is amazing. I was half expecting papier-maché breasts but this was excellent. WTF were they thinking?

  2. That advert is bloody genius. Love it – and loving the game so far – an absolute gem.

  3. Why can’t we have adverts like this in the UK?

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