Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Receives Day One Patch, Is Bigger Than The Full Game

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is released this week and the footage that has been shown so far does not inspire the greatest confidence.. In fact the game received a day one patch that is bigger, coming in at 7.6GB, than the actual game file size, which is 4.6GB. In fact Eurogamer has created a video of how Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 plays even with the patch installed.


If you’re looking to buy Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 it is probably worth waiting until more patches have been released to fix the issues, or wait and see if EA announces Skate 4 in light of this release.

Source: TheGameCabin/Eurogamer



  1. You were the chosen one! The first THPS game with a number since PS2’s THPS 4! We counted on you!

  2. That’s got to be one of the smallest games released on this generation (for a none-indie retail release).

  3. So it likely just replaces every file that’s on the disc then. Lovely.

  4. Was obviously gonna be shit

  5. How the eff did they end up doing a patch that is bigger then the game? In fact, how did they end up doing a patch that is bigger then the first two Bioshock games?

    Either this is an unfinished pile of donkey crap or it is finished and very shoddy. And it’s just a bloody skating game. How could they cock that up? Just how? I know it’s Activision not backing it but releasing it because….. why the hell not? But still, did no-one look at the game and realise that it was very buggy? And I fully expect Activision to claim that it wasn’t a success because of lack of interest instead of it being a bug filled mess!

  6. Inspiration from Goat Simulator obviously

  7. That looks like an unplayable mess. I’ve been defending the visuals lately, but even I can admit that that looks terrible.

    • I agree, this video looks bad. However, I’ve watched a few people streaming this over the last day or two and haven’t seen anybody suffering from the same problems shown in the video. I’m not saying it won’t happen, just that it may not be particularly frequent (plus, quite a few of those were when they were pretty much bailing into ramps and walls on purpose).

      • Yeah I watched 3 streams last night and didn’t see any of this.

  8. Bloody hell, what a mess. I hate the idea of day one patches because to me it represents the arrogance of ignorant businessmen and women. I couldn’t care less what any expert says, selling an incomplete product is disrespectful to the customer and to the guys and girls who design and build it too. It can also affect their careers.
    The patch size is hilarious, I don’t understand how that can happen nor how this game can make a profit. Good luck to the devs, I hope their next projects don’t get fucked by someone high above.

  9. 4.6GB to 7.6GB – You would have thought the update would have at least upgraded it from a PS2 to PS3 game.

  10. Has Ubisoft paid Activision to “steal” the limelight from them when it comes to buggy messes? If so, shrewd move, Ubi. Shrewd move.

    Makes me smile every time.

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