Marvel Heroes 2016 To Launch This December With New Content

Gazillion Entertainment seems to have fully embraced the recent name change of its free-to-play superhero brawler. After re-branding the comic inspired RPG as “Marvel Heroes 2015” the studio is looking to bring it into the new year with a bevy of upcoming features and content.

Marvel Heroes 2016 – as it will soon be known – is set to launch in December, forcing players to update their current game client.


At the heart of this latest expansion is a series of missions centred around the “Secret Invasion” storyline in which players get to throw down against a Skrull battalion.

VisualUpdate_ThenAndNow_CaptainAmerica copy

Elsewhere, Gazillion is introducing new content to fall in line with recent changes in the Marvel comic book universe. This includes a slew of alternate costumes for existing characters, creating variants such as Spider-Gwen as well the “All-New” Captain Marvel, Wolverine, and Thor.

Additional playable areas have also been revealed including a new patrol zone based in the Savage Land as well as the much-anticipated Thanos raid.

Finally, there are a handful of technical features on their way with the Mac version of Marvel Heroes finally coming out of beta. Players should also expect to see controller support as well as Steam Achievements and shiny new character models.

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  1. controller support, that’s what i’ve been waiting for.

    well, that and a console version, but i guess controller support will have to do for now.

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