New Far Cry Primal Footage Shown At The Game Awards

Earlier today Ubisoft took to the stage at The Game Awards to reveal new footage of the forthcoming Far Cry title, Primal.

Far Cry Primal is set around 10,000BC, which presumably means less guns than previous incarnations, but also, far more importantly – more sabre-toothed tigers and wild bears. In the trailer we learn that our hero, Takkar, is the first man to tame the giant beasts, using his fluffy friends as an important ally as he enters battle and bids to rise above extinction and survive the land of Oros.


Far Cry Primal is due for release on PS4 and Xbox One at the end of February 2016, with the PC release delayed by one week, to the start of March.



  1. This looks mint. It’s want they should of done instead of FC4

  2. Looks nice and everything, but this whole “slap a name people know on an unrelated game” crap needs to stop.

    Are they not confident enough in the game to try and sell it as a new IP without pretending it’s Far Cry? I thought everyone was fed up of sequels and remasters and not having any brand new games?

    • You’ve answered you’re own questions right there. An established IP vs new IP. The benefits speak for themselves, unless franchise fatigue kicks in, which I don’t think it has done with Far Cry.

  3. million dollar question?
    will it have enemy outposts that pop up out of nowhere???

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