Podcast: Episode 204 – Game Dev, Lost Within & Volume

Crank up the volume.

We might have our Year According To series of podcasts going on, but you didn’t think we’d stop the normal podcasts did you? After a week off, Kev, Lewis and I are back, with one of the silliest podcasts we’ve done in a while.

After the recent PlayStation Experience event we had plenty of news to cover this week, particularly around the topic of VR. As for what we’ve been up to this week, I’ve been playing Volume, a game that Lewis was also up for discussing. It all got a bit philosophical as we spun off into a discussion on the ethics of building Artificial Intelligence, but it’s nothing too deep.

Lewis has also been reading Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits, which seems like an interesting book, while Kev’s played iOS title Lost Within. Kev’s also back on his One Game A Month kick, and his latest title is pretty interesting.

As always, we rounded things out with the answers to your questions. Next week we’ll be back with our end of year special, which should bring a little Christmas cheer too.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Star Wars 1313 looked really nice, with a bit more darker side of the franchise. It would also be great to see a Star Wars story where Jedi and Sith are in the background. Looking forward to a good SW game for years – see what I did there? ;)

    I don’t really understand all the commotion about FF VII being released in episodes and I really start thinking that gamers as a group are the most spoiled/childish society in entertainment. I don’t believe that people who like book, movies, music are so eager to force creators to do what they want and attack them as soon as something is not as they have planned – where are the good old PS1 na PS2 times where creators were doing absolutely what they wanted, without having to explain why a character has no longer white hair or why did the combat system change in a next part of a well known series? Weren’t those days for a lot of gamers the best in video games?
    I really looking forward to this. Seven is not my favourite FF game (long live VIII and XII !), but still I love the series, I like the VII universe, characters – should be an fantastic game. Can’t wait.
    ….OW! I just hope it comes out on discs !!!

    Owww, don’t you dare say something wrong with Gunswords! Best weapon ever.

    I was hoping for a disc based emulation, without any benefits, just to be able to play my games when my PS2 (fat version btw) ends its life :( Oh well. I still got an emu on my PC that is working really well for the future. Still it would be a really BIG thing “4 the players” if they would do it – but come on, the competition for PlayStation is so way behind, there’s no pressure on them.

    I played a few races and it’s fun at start, but kind of lacks a deeper racing system, style etc. Nice, but not as cool as I thought it would be.

    NNK2 – awesome !!! Pre-order.

    Thomas Was Alone was a real surprise to me. I kind of started getting into indie games and totally got what it was about in terms of where the focus is. How deep and emotional story was built into jumping blocks – with a pretty decent jump system :P I will definitely pick up Volume and it’s great you guys are also liking it.

    Holy shit. I was not prepared for a serious topic around AI o0! Somebody stop them! Was not expecting that.

    Lewis the Ace Combat game you are talking about is definitely Squadron Leader what is probably the best game ever made ^^ True story.

    Great episode. Thanks guys.

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