Three Fields Tease Something Burnout / Black – Ish

Three Fields Entertainment, a newish developer made up of ex-Criterion Games staff including Criterion co-founders Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, have continued to tease their first project which should be out this spring on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Previously they have mentioned that the game is some sort of multiplayer sports game but a multiplayer sports game with added Burnout and Black (a fps shooter) seems an odd mix. Whatever it is, it looks like we should find out very soon.

Once this game is out of the door the team will be working on a “spiritual successor” to Burnout 3.

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  1. Well, that’s a strange combination of games – How exactly is that going to work? You are barrelling down a highway at 500mph for it to then go to a first person view & you whip out a Kalashnikov & start laying waste to stuff??

    Not sure I totally get it, but will keep an eye on it as Burnout holds a fond place in my heart.

    • Oh god. I’ve just thought – It’s gonna be a mobile game where you have to shoot a barrel (or something) to cause a car pileup isn’t it? ;)

      • Its def going to be on consoles :)


    Some mash-up of other game styles will likely not cut it, though I am keeping a very interested eye on this one.

  3. I liked both of those games but i have no idea what this could be.

  4. Oooh! Could this end up being some sort of zany GTA style game?

  5. Black was a superb shooter although, if i recall correctly, it was a bit generic with a destruction gimmick. If it is a spiritual Successor with over the top destruction, it would be a breath of fresh air into the rather stale FPS market.

    If it’s Burnout, then goood. I own Burnout Paradise. Never really played it but i do recall playing a demo of Burnout 3 during my teens and it was fun. Slow mo crashes are fun and i think, i crashed more on purpose then winning the demo’s race. Should try to get the complete edition of Burnout Paradise at some point.

    If it’s a free to play game based on Burnout, then BOOOOOOOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOOOO! as it will probably have the standard microtransaction pay to win bullshit.

    • Yeah, I think Black was one of the first (console shooters specifically) to use destructible terrains. However, that has already had a spiritual successor in Bodycount, but that didn’t exactly turn out as they’d hoped, getting fairly poor to middling reviews & the game being reduced significantly in a very short period of time.

      What exactly this is, I have to admit to not having any idea. Don’t even really see how the two would blend tbh, but will keep an eye on it all the same.

      That said though, if you still have your PS3 & a copy of Burnout, you should definitely give it a go – It’s a great game & to this day, it has one of the most well integrated multiplayer experiences that I have seen, in that it never touches the single player game (apart from to tell you that you have beaten someones time for example), but with a simple request, you can jump straight into a multiplayer inhabited world. It just works. How populated it is these days though remains to be seen.

      Some people didn’t like the move to an open world & thus didn’t like the game, but for Paradise, it actually works quite well in my opinion. Still one of the best driving games I have played to date (along with split second & a few others).

      • Uber agree, paradise online was stunning, even an HD PS4 version would be great, imagine what a proper new gen version could be :)

      • Bodycount had a rather troubled development, probably why it turned out a bit rubbish.

  6. Chase HQ HD confirmed

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