(Updated) Tequila Works Reacquires Rights To Rime

Almost three years ago Tequila Works announced Rime as a PS4 exclusive, and for the first year after the announcement news was quite constant about the project. That soon dried up with both Tequila Works and Sony remaining quiet Rime’s status. Well today there was some news though what it means we’re not entirely sure.

Rime’s rights have gone back to Tequila Works which could point to a number of things. It could be that Sony and Tequila Works didn’t feel the project was progressing as it should, or Tequila Works may have decided to go multi-platform. Until either the studio or Sony comment this is all just speculation.

TSA has contacted Tequila Works to get more information.

Source: Twitter

Update: Tequila Works has informed Polygon that Sony is no longer the publisher for Rime. Where that leaves the project is unknown at this time.