Podcast: Episode 216 – Enter the Gungeon, Batman vs Superman & République

Kev and I were joined by TSA’s very own Aran for this week’s episode, so you should, of course, expect the news to be of a higher quality with TSA’s Co-News Editor on board. Most of the news talk actually focuses around the continuing PS4K rumours, but there’s some other bit mixed in to.

As well as contributing to the news, Aran’s been playing République for review, and he was kind enough to share his views on the PS4 port of the mobile game. He’s also watched Batman vs Superman, which lead to a spoiler filled discussion with Kev. They begin at the 23 minute mark and last until 46:30, and they’re also clearly marked in the audio.

Kev also combines with me to give a brief update on the world of comics, and I also share my views on the soon to be released Enter the Gungeon, which I’m a big fan of, mostly because it’s very silly.

As always we round things out with the answers to your questions, and also the news that there’s no regular podcast next week. Instead we’ll be doing something from the indie games showcase that is Rezzed, so you can look forwards to that!

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Looks like Rss feed still hasn’t caught up.

  2. Sorry guys for not being there lately to say ‘hello’, ‘aloha’, ‘good evening’ or any Polish greeting on Twitter when you record. All thanks to some major changes in my work and trying to fit every bit of my life into 24h :P This is also why my comments have changed form being over-detailed to actual normal listener comments.

    I’m listening to all of the episodes anyway and enjoying each very much ^^ Same things with this one, where I completely agree that a upgraded PS4 will do bad for SONY and for the whole console society. I’m afraid consoles will become more like mobile phones in terms of life-cycle, releases, sell policy etc. Hope this makes sense :P

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