Lince Works Reveal Stealth Game Aragami For PS4 And PC

Lince Works has unveiled Aragami, which is a stealth game in which you play as an undead assassin. This assassin has the ability to control the shadows which allow for unique approaches when dealing with the guards of the world. The control of shadows allows you to teleport between shadows, conjure up beasts, and generate weapons too. The gameplay of Aragami is styled to players who follow either the ghost or demons path. Ghost players can get through areas without raising the alarm, while demons go for the kill.


The way you tackle Aragami will determine which abilities will be available to use. The opposition are known as the Kaiho. who have the ability to control light. You’ll need come out on top against this army while trying to rescue a girl called Yamiko, who actually brings the undead assassin into existence to help her escape from a fortress in which she is a prisoner.

Aragami will release on PS4 and Steam this Autumn.

Source: PS Blog/Official Site