Ori And The Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Comes To PC On April 27th

Ori and the Blind Forest was easily one of the most highly rated games of last year, with gorgeous visuals, a lovely soundtrack and some excellent sidescrolling platforming gameplay. Now that award winning game’s expansion is being made available to those on PC, as the Definitive Edition of the game comes to Steam and brings the game to the Windows 10 store for the first time.

The Definitive Edition has been available on Xbox One since March 11th and was designed to make the game a little more accessible with an easy difficulty mode for those who just want to relax. It also makes a number of other changes, with the Light Burst and Dash abilities, as well as new areas, music and story.


It’s a $5 upgrade for those who own the original game on Xbox One or through Steam, but this is the first time that the game is available on the Windows 10 store. For better or for worse, that does hold one minor advantage in featuring cross-platform cloud saves between Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Source: Xbox Wire


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  1. Any word on price? This was one of the highlights from last year’s E3 for me, but I never got around to playing it.

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