Battlefield 5 Reveal Is Coming On May 6th

Are you just about ready for a new Battlefield game? Because whether you like it or not, there’s a new one on the way. It might be a little while before we’ll actually get to play it, but the world premiere for the game is coming on May 6th with a trailer and a live stream at 9PM BST.

Reports of the upcoming reveal surfaced earlier today, but I can tell you that there is no word of a lie to these reports – I should know, since I’ll be there! – and EA have now officially confirmed that the event is happening. There’s no hints about the game’s setting or what it will focus on, but with DICE back in charge, it’s most likely to strike the series’ usual militaristic tones, as opposed to heading off on a tangent as Battlefield: Hardline did.


If anyone would be able to tell us about the game, it would be Creative Director Lars Gustavsson and Lead Producer Aleksander Grondal, so I guess it’s a good thing that they’ll be in London for the game’s reveal. They’ll also be taking questions from viewers, as they look at the series’ past, present and future.

So, if you’re after a new Battlefield, keep an eye out for more info at the end of next week!

Source: invite, press release



  1. If this looks as good as Battlefront, I’m gonna start getting exciting! Quite like the rumour of it being a WWII game too without any futuristic lock-on type weapons etc.

  2. Hardline is £12 in Tesco btw…

  3. Shouldn’t that be ‘Battlefield revealed today, pretence of a reveal and a super short trailer coming 6th May’?
    EA should do a Battlefield-Marvel tie-in where you play as a soldier in one of the numerous semi-disposable militia, at least it’d be a good excuse for endless waves of fighting.

  4. Oh for god’s sake.

    Stop doing announcements of announcement of a reveal of the teaser trailer of the teaser.

    Just release the trailer out of the blue, let the gaming media do what it does best and then do a livestream.

    Oh and this time.

    MAKE SURE THE GAME WORKS WHEN LAUNCHED! Not force Dice to shove it out then spend a few months finishing it off. Not ignore the bugs.

    And don’t follow COD. stick to modern day or go back to the past. I like the future setting genre. It’s a good setting. I don’t want to see that being saturated to the point where i can’t enjoy it.

    Oh and don’t rip off Deus Ex.

    Also, don’t do a Hardline.

  5. DICE back in charge? That would be 3 Triple-A titles shipped in 12 months…

    Someone’s got some good dev tools!

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