Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s Launch Trailer Shows Some Impressive Running

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is just a couple of weeks away from release, as it will be launched on June 9th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. EA have decided to release the launch trailer for the game a little early though and it shows a lot of running across different environments, as well as snippets of combat as Faith faces off against the oppressive government in the city of Glass.


Yesterday DICE put up a 3D rendition of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s map, where you can view various information about the districts, characters, and the environment.

Source: Youtube

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  1. That’s a very pretty trailer!

  2. Looking forward to this game. I enjoyed the 1st one and the 2nd looks amazing.
    A remaster of the original is welcome if it happens.

  3. Note to self: Get the first game again.

    I am glad that EA have not gone “The running’s cool and all but we think, it could do with GUUUUUUUNZZZZ and WUUUUUBSTEPZ!” and are letting ME become ME 2. :) Hopefully, if this is a success, EA will step away from trying to conquer COD or other big rivals(well, ones they view as rivals) and let their developers do the game they want.

  4. Mirrors Edge is my all time favourite game for various reasons…

    ME Catalyst…well I played the beta recently and was not that impressed…it lacked something fundamental that was in the first ME game…

    Looks great, barring NPC’s as they look lastgen, but for some curious reason it was not the same…I’m not convinced the large sandbox area was the way to go…still…will be buying it…

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