Community Chronicle: 29/05/16

I imagine there’s an awful lot of people who are going to be rooting for Daniel Ricciardo to hold onto his first place start and take his Red Bull all the way through to victory at the Monaco Grand Prix. Of course, he’ll have the two Mercedes cars nipping at his exhaust pipe all the way throughout, but yesterday’s rather exciting qualifying has added a few layers of strategy to this, which could prove pivotal.

Alas, I’ll have to try and catch all of this in the highlights show. So nobody spoil it for me, alright?


The PlayStation 4 might have passed yet another sales landmark – 40 million of the things are out in the wild – but a sizeable chunk of those console owners will have been disappointed to here the rumours and confirmation of a No Man’s Sky delay. It’s now out in August, as Hello Games lavish it with just a few more weeks of loving care and attention.

On the plus side, “That’s not as big of a delay as I thought,” freezebug said, while TSBonyman quite adorably said there’s “nothing we can do but wait until everything is tickety-boo.”

Ron_mcphatty was annoyed at the suspicion that “the delay may be a VR related thing rather than for spit and polish,” but once this was dispelled, he said, “Nice of Sean to write a statement about the delay himself. Big shame, but it’s a big game and ‘key moments’ sound very juicy, so any extra polish will be good. I’ll hold off on the cynicism today and douse my disappointment with a copy of Uncharted. Yay!”

Every cloud has a silver lining and, to be honest, it’s just nice that there wasn’t much cynicism lacing the comments. Game delays happen, both big and small, but there’s always a good reason. Occasionally, it might be because a big game it going to trample it and the developers want a little more breathing room, but generally, it’s so that the game can be better and more polished at launch.

With all of the PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ rumours and reports out there, things have been surprisingly quiet on Microsoft’s front. That ended this week, as – in what might well be a controlled leak – a plan for a slimmer console and a major future update called Scorpio was reported upon.

MrYd thinks that “This makes even less sense for MS than it does when Sony does it.

“Who is going to develop games that take advantage of it? With the Xbox One failing to sell, why would anyone put any effort into improving their games on the new hardware? Just spend the time and money on the Xbox one version and hope you can make some money from it.”

It’s a very valid question – though the Xbox One is million miles from being a failure, just nowhere near the success of the PS4 – but if both manufacturers have jumped on the improved hardware bandwagon, that makes the difference less noticeable to developers, especially with common ground in architecture and development tools.

So, as Starman said, “If it sticks to the alleged rules Sony have with the Neo (no exclusive games, content, etc) then it helps not alienate existing users by leaving them behind, though developers likely won’t be pleased with more work for no extra reward. Unless the the Neo/Scorpio versions are separate and cost a bit more.”

But on the whole, Avenger doesn’t like this trend, saying that “we don’t want any of the consoles having regular updates like this. Sure it may be easier and more revolutionary to release regular updated hardware for the company, especially with how fast technology is advancing, but for us customers it’s just going to be a discriminated clusterf*** of a mess.”

And finally, MrJimmy said that it “Occurs to me that plan from Microsoft was anticipated by Sony, hence the Neo.”


Uncharted 4 is still in plenty of people’s consoles a moment, and with good reason! TSBonyman finished it and “loved every moment.” So did DividSmythe who, in addition to getting the TTR: World Tour platinum and his 7000th trophy overall, finished Uncharted 4 on hard difficulty and started to cheat his way through on crushing.

Hornet1990 used Uncharted to console himself after finishing the Black Ops 3 story. “What an absolute crock!” he cried, before bemoaning how poorly the game used many of its actors.

The Lone Steven crashed his way through the last dozen missions of Grand Theft Auto V, and really enjoyed it, while Crazy_Del had an absolute hoot with Doom, on his way to grabbing the platinum and the record.

The trophy leaderboards are on a hiatus at the moment, so after a rather brief Chronicle, all that’s left to do is bid you farewell for another week.

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  1. I said wut? lol
    I’ll have you know that at the time in question I was sitting atop a fibre glass hippo, wearing top fashion items, showing off my top tech, eating pizza with nice topping and sporting a leprachaun top of my shoulder “top o’the morning to yer” :P

  2. I’ll consider myself told off :) It’s quite hard to trust some of the PR we consume, a lot of it is very insincere, but maybe it’s too easy to leap from that to assuming it’s bollocks and lies. Complaining eh, too much fun to stop but stops the fun all too often.

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