Riders Of Icarus Closed Beta Code Giveaway

Dragons are cool, but riding dragons is even cooler, and that’s at the heart of the appeal to Riders of Icarus. We previewed this upcoming PC MMORPG last week, looking at how the game adds animals to capture, train, ride into battle and more.

And now you can see what it’s like for yourselves, as the game goes into its third closed beta test, starting today and ending on Tuesday 7th June. We’ve got 100 codes to give away that will let you dive right in.

All that you need to do to get a code is pop us a comment below or send us a tweet @thesixthaxis asking for one. As soon as we can, we’ll email you a code to the address you registered on TSA with, or DM you on Twitter.

The game lives in Nexon’s Global Platform, and for more details on that and the game’s requirements head over to its website. But put simply, you can just follow these instructions:

  • Install the Nexon Global Platform by clicking HERE.
  • If you haven’t already, make sure you have created a Nexon Account.*
  • Load the Nexon Global Platform and log in to your Nexon Account.
  • In the upper right-hand corner of the Nexon Global Platform, click the “down” arrow next to your profile name.
  • Click “ACTIVATE PRODUCT” to enter your Closed Beta code and click “NEXT.”
  • Select Riders of Icarus from the Games list.
  • Click “PLAY NOW” to start downloading the game.

You should note that this needs to be an Nexon America account and you need to use the Nexon America Global Platform for the purposes of this test.

Happy hunting!

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  2. Can I have one please?

  3. Can I get a code please? :)

  4. I was a 175$ supporter of a little game called Dragon’s Prophet.. we all know how bad that game went :( So I wanted to try this game out without sticking my hand in the hole in the wall hoping it won’t get bit off…. can you help me with a code?

    • i have the exactly same opinion. I put so much hope into dragon’s prophet, but it will never be as good as riders of icarus seems to be.

  5. I’ve been waiting for the official release of this after trying it on a private server. I can’t wait to see a decent English patch. :P

  6. Hello may I have a code please? :)

  7. May I please have code. I have really been wanting to play this game. Thank you \(^.^)/

  8. Hello may I have a code please? ^^

  9. Hello there, may I have a code to ride dragons and other mystical beasts? :D

  10. could i PLEASE still get a code. I did’nt know that such a game like riders of icarus exists and now i am looking everywhere to get a code to join the closed beta.
    I’ve searched for so long to find an mmorpg with such a mountsystem like riders of icarus.
    PLEASE… i need one…D:

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