P.T. Spiritual Successor Allison Road Has Been Cancelled

Allison Road began life as a Kickstarter and flaunted it’s P.T. vibes with pride, before dropping crowdfunding and being signed up by Team 17. Since then it’s been a tad quiet and now we know why, the game has been cancelled.


Sony’s Shahid Kamal Ahmad (at least, he was with Sony back then), hinted that the game was being fitted for PlayStation VR, so it’s shame we won’t see it.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Dammit! Why are all the promising horror games being shit canned?!
    At least Outlast 2 looks decent.

  2. It was the Horror game we needed and deserved but we shall never get it. On the plus side, we have Resident Evil. *looks to the side with disdain at Umbrealla Corps*

    I’ll be in the corner, crying and cutting myself with Resident Evil 2 if anyone needs me.

    Give us a proper Horror game! Not action horror, not gimmicky horror but shit your pants and require a spare pair just to play the game horror. p

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