Allison Road Being Revived By Creator Christian Kesler

In June news broke that the horror title Allison Road had been cancelled after the partnership between Christian Kesler and Team17 had been terminated. There was a bit of confusion on whether Kesler would continue with the project following a statement by Team17. Now confirmation has been received by IGN that Allison Road is back in development, and it will be under a new company called Far From Home which has been found by Christian and his wife.

Kesler told IGN:

“I’m actually really happy to be able to announce that [Allison Road] will continue. We had a lot of support online and some folks out there are just incredibly nice.It did take a bit of soul searching to find the drive again to work on Allison Road and to simply make a call on what to do next.

After the set back, I took a bit of a break from working on it and re-evaluated all the work that had been done so far — the whole journey, so to speak. I started making a few  necessary changes to the story and the flow, little bits and pieces here and there, and before I knew it, it sort of naturally came back to life.”

There’s no predicted release date yet but at least this is good news for fans.

Source: IGN

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  1. I expect it will be a long way off but good to hear it’s getting another chance.

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