News Snatch: Gal*Gun Double Peace, Worms W.M.D., And Titanfall 2

Hey there, welcome back to News Snatch, once again it’s time to have a nose through the round file and see what news slipped through the cracks.

It’s been a bit of a rough week or so in the UK, so if you need a little light relief then make sure you read to the very end, I guarantee it will make your day.


Before that, we start with Worms W.M.D which will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year and will feature an extensive single player campaign and both local and online multiplayer for up to 6 players. It also has a lot of wacky weapons which you can see in the trailer above.

This is The Assembly which is also coming to PlayStaton VR later this year.

You’ll face thought-provoking dilemmas with uncertain outcomes that challenge your views of the Assembly and its members, all coming to a head in one of multiple surprising conclusions. Will your actions and their future repercussions save lives… or lead to catastrophe?

Polyphony have revealed that they found the PlayStation 3 a bit of a arse to work with. “The age of the PS3 for us was sort of a nightmare,” said Gran Turismo head honco, Kazunori Yamauchi . “We really had to deal with this situation for a while where, ‘This is what we want to achieve, but all we can do is this.’ So there was a lot of frustration that was built up. The PS3 hardware is something that, at first glance, looks like it’s able to do this certain level of things, but in actuality, it can’t.

“In terms of development, it was really really difficult and the games, after all the development efforts were put into it, were very very low,” he added. “I think it was just that the balance as a piece of hardware wasn’t very good. But the PS4 is so good. This time we’re really able to do and achieve what we want to do, so it’s really fun.”

Battlefleet Gothic Armada is receiving some Space Marines which are “experts at close-ranged battles, sporting well-armoured ships and specialize in aggressive boarding techniques.”

They are also enjoy a glass of wine in whilst watching Countryfile, are skilled in the dark arts of quiche making, and spend their weekends at petting zoos, cuddling the bunny rabbits.

Somny’s latest Greatness Awaits Summer trailer showing a load of games that are not out this summer. Nice one.

After stating firmly that they didn’t like non-approved games on the Rift headset the Oculus team have quietly removed all the DRM. The company told ARSTechnica that it “will not use hardware checks as part of DRM on PC in the future.”

This is Super Mutant Alien Assault and it is arriving on July 12th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Titanfall 2 will feel like a swimming pool. “In the pool are enemies… you’re diving in and out. You’re attacking from one angle, you’re getting out on this side, going around, coming back in, coming out,” explains Game Director Steve Fukuda.

I guess it makes a change from being in a corridor.

BallsHere is Jon Snow covered in balls, doing moody resting face, and being motion captured for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The recent patch for Rocket League did claim it had “Fixed several Neo Tokyo collision issues that were causing abnormal bounces within the Arena.”

It turns out it did not, Psynoix say sorry and are still working on that one.

The original creators of RuneScape, the Gower brothers, have returned to the game to design a special 15th anniversary quest. It features cabbages, which is nice, because Brassica vegetables are underrepresented in video games.

And Finally, hurrah, it’s another bonkers ‘sexy’ Japanese game! This is Gal*Gun Double Peace which is coming to PS Vita and PS4 in Europe on July 15th and North America on July 19th.

You play Houdai, a typically incompetent high school boy when it come to matters of the heart, who accidentally eats a full power cupid shot and becomes insanely popular with the ladies. Just a normal day for the manly and testosterone fuelled staff at TSA, then.

The game is that you must fend off the sexy ladies by titillating their, uhm, tits. And ass. And everywhere else. The press release mentions a Euphoria shot which it suggests, and I kid you not, you save for “a hairy spot.”

If you like the look of the game then there is a collections edition which includes a collector’s box, artbook, soundtrack, wall scroll, 5 pieces of DLC, and – honestly, I am not making this up – a lovely ‘screen cleaner’. Here is the official description.

Supreme, ULTRA-RARE, extra-soft Mr. Happiness “Screen Cleaner” – gently wipe down your dirty screens for MAXIMUM visibility!

Yes, it really is a screen cleaner for when you’ve played the game and waved hello to the girls with Mr. Happy. Just for the extra ickyness, the screen cleaner is… a pair of panties.


Until next time, tata!

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  1. You forgot to mention the screen cleaner is basically a pair of girls’ underwear.

  2. I’ll watch out for a pre-owned copy of Gal Gun .. no wait .. :S

  3. Putting the term ‘screen cleaner’ in quotation marks is incredibly disturbing

  4. If the Mr Happiness edition was in your home, and it got raided by police, well, goodbye.

  5. Er…….

    The Mister Happiness Edition is rather dodgy. The entire game is rather dodgy. I know it’s in the Anime genre but most animes usually age up “School students” to 18 and give them adult bodies. This? erm…..

    er…. this is very dodgy and erm…… yeah, this shouldn’t exist. Sure, it is accepted in Japan because cultural differences but this shouldn’t have been released outside of Japan. I mean, to most, it will seem like the Jimmy Savile Experience.

    They did nothing to age them up! It’s literally young teenagers!

    I feel sorry for the poor TSA writer that has to write it and if they are sent the happy edition. I can see them having to do it in secret and trying to explain to the police that it’s something they had to review and not something dodgy.

    Regarding the PS3 being an arse to work with and GT. It wasn’t that. It was more of a case of “STOP ADDING MORE SHINE TO THE MIRRORS OF THE CARS! RELEASE THE BUGGER NOW!” that affected it. I mean, there was only so many times they could delay GT5 before it became clear Sony had enough and forced them to stop being perfectionists in a bid to stop them from constantly shining up the cars.

    • Nothing wrong with the game, in fact it has a couple of 1970’s celebrity endorsements. Well, it would have if they weren’t in jail.

      • I heard that if erm…

        No, i’m not even joking about it. *Grabs coat, leaves*

  6. Preordered my Gal Gun 2 – imported the first one and it’s barmy. I’m not even its intended audience since I’m a raging homo but I can’t help but find it so silly and fun :) Be interesting to see if its still as funny in English!

    • That needs to be a quote on a game!

      I mean, it’ll definitly grab attention! Instead of the standard “Best game of year” – Eurogamer etc..

  7. No I found mention of police disturbing what can they do. What the point of the rating boards then or are you saying PEGI not doing they job.

    Meaning if the game is passed by PEGI by given it a rating that got power by law to banned a game & that game is uncensored you forgot to say about that. If by a chance a small chance that PEGI refuse game with a rating making it illegal to sell in UK & EU it not illegal to import it but would be illegal if you pirate it then & only then the police is involved.

    It a well know fact people don’t like ecchi & HENTAI games that’s fine. You say this shouldn’t be out but PEGI say hi & disagree with you.

    Then also stay away by a pop idol photo shot game too the pop idol is 18 you take risqué photos of her. What I’m saying is if you up the age to 20, 30 even granny people would say ewes that gross.


      AS in, they didn’t bother to age them to our cultural standards and it is very, very dodgy as a result of it. Not because the police got involved or any “SJW” BS. BECAUSE THEY ARE LITERALLY KIDS! If they aged them up to be adult looking and to be adults that attend school because, it’s Anime. Anime does that well, it works. This?





  8. I see you contradict yourself by saying “As in they didn’t bother to age them” so how do you make out they kids if no age was given to them.

    Senran series got no ages to the characters & any other dam game it because of that senran got away with being uncensored.

    & I don’t see adults in GTA or in COD or maybe maybe not kids but just drawings like they got a right or something. But I agree with the SJW BS pushing their agenda as they see fictional characters as real ones is rather pathetic & retarded.

    Would it make it better if they did put age in & make them 16 as consent age is 16 No it wouldn’t still they bitch on how about 19 20 or maybe make characters instead the same batshit crazy group of people that ruin the games industry.

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    • Spam is a very popular pasttime on TSA. There is a lot of spam on the site and nothing is done about it. Many spammers spam here but often do a poor job. This is the sign of smart spam. DOing it on an article that isn’t months old or years old.

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