Changes Detailed For Halo Wars 2 Following Beta

In June a multiplayer beta was carried out for Halo Wars 2 from which 343 Industries and Creative Assembly took feedback from players. Now details have revealed regarding the changes coming to Halo Wars 2 thanks to the community feedback, with controls, abilities, resource management, and bases all getting reworked ahead of the final release.

For controls more layout options are being investigated so players can find one that is suitable to their play style. Leader Powers will be made simpler to understand , with 343 hoping to avoid any confusion that was given off by them. Bases will get better visual improvements to show their evolution, as well as stats from how much damage is taken during an attack. Costs for collecting resources will be scaled back too as one main complaint that this was way too high. The changes will mean that early on supplies will the focus, while power comes later to fuel the tech upgrades. The population cap will be raised too.


There are other updates in the works, and another beta will follow in early 2017 on Xbox One and Windows 10.


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