Driveclub VR Confirmed For The U.K. And North America

Driveclub VR was revealed as a launch title for PlayStation VR in Japan a few weeks ago and now we have confirmation it will be out in in Europe and North America as well, and it even has a snazzy new blue box. However, the PlayStation blogs are being rather more cagey about the launch date and simply say it will be “out this year” rather than a launch title.

They have revealed some details regarding the features, which are as follows:

  • Game modes: Online virtual reality multiplayer race modes and an action-packed single player career are joined by drifting and time trial challenges.
  • Tracks: New and classic Driveclub tracks are brought to life through the power of PlayStation VR, including five all-new Urban locations.
  • A closer look: Every car is recreated with immaculate detail for players to explore up close with Inspection Mode.
  • Cruise control: A little time to kick back, open the throttle or just coast and explore any track, in any country at your leisure in Cruise Mode.
  • Virtual passenger: An immersive thrill ride through exciting replays of hot laps as players watch themselves handle their greatest challenges from a unique viewpoint.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. Hope the new tracks are released on the normal Driveclub.

    • Me too – although they might not compare as well to the original non-VR tracks. I’d still consider paying for a few extra tracks though.

      • A few extra tracks would be nice, I’ve completed all the stars so need something else to do (even tho I’ve not finished the elite levels yet – stuck on level 39, which is pissing me off royally).

  2. I may have this wrong but how much detail/fidelity do you lose rendering two images (for binocular vision) and then pump that out at 60 FPS?

    • They have said they have reduced the level of detail in the game, and some effects have been removed, but it doesn’t look too bad in screenshots.

      • It’ll be interesting to see what the difference at launch as I guess we’ll see a potential benchmark in what compromises are made regarding frame-rate (and then doubling up of imagery, etc).

      • I presume the inclusion of a load of new tracks is to make them as best looking as possible, but with the reduced resources. The orginal tracks will probably look a bit sparse in VR.

      • If the new tracks are because the old ones aren’t built for VR and might look a bit poor, then presumably they won’t be appearing in the original game because they’ll look better there and people might realise they’ve just spent £350 on a stupid hat.

      • Having extra pixels on a static screen on the other end of the room doesn’t mean it looks better than being sat inside the virtual world.

  3. Ooooooh! All of a sudden I feel compelled to say ‘we are VR!’ and punch the air.

  4. Finally! A driving game where you can be a passenger.

    Presumably you can criticise the driver’s skills and fail to read a map properly, thus giving terrible directions (No! The other left. Also, it was about half a mile back!). And then leap out of the car smashing the doors on whatever’s next to it.

    Seriously, people should never let me be a passenger in a car.

    Or drive a car. That’d probably be worse. A lot worse.

  5. I thought it was going to be released as DLC for the original game but seeing the retail box it looks to me as a stand-alone game. I wonder if it’s go to be cheaper than a full price game or discounted for owners of the original game?

  6. The virtual passenger thing sounds cool, although I bet once you’ve done 1 lap the novelty runs off.

  7. I really hope it will be available as an add-on, like DriveClub Bikes.

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