What We Played #269 – Titanfall 2, God Eater 2 & PlayStation VR

Sure, I could tell you about having played some of Verdun, trying and failing to get onto the Battlefield 1 servers on Wednesday night, or reviewing Assetto Corsa, but you’ve seen this feature’s title. I played some more PlayStation VR yesterday and, I have to say, I was very impressed.

I’ve always liked PS VR as a system, but the games have given me a little cause for concern. Resident Evil 7, Farpoint and Robinson: The Journey all have first person views and have you moving around a world which, in my previous experience, has been a recipe for feeling unwell afterwards. An updated build of Resi 7 has made a few tweaks since it made so many people feel nauseous at E3, to the point where, while it was making me feel a little bit too hot and there was a little tickle in the back of my mind, I was happy to grab a burger and have some food just a minute or two after playing.

Driveclub VR was fantastic as well, with a nice wheel an chair set up, letting me look around the car and feeling very intuitive, and I was even quite impressed by VR Worlds’ breadth and depth. More on all of those next week!

Moving on to the rest of the writers, Tuffcub got a lot of Titanfall 2 in over the bank holiday weekend, which might well replace Killzone as his favourite FPS series. That was alongside Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, which he still loves, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which he really did not get on with.

Adam popped in to say he played a bunch of Titanfall 2 as well, before returning to the original game on Xbox One. He also enjoyed playing Unravel, while Jake played more of Grow Up, caught all of the EU Pokémon he possibly could in Pokémon Go and brushed up on his Destiny skills.

Jim’s busied himself with the usual bouts of Overwatch and Uncharted 4, as well as dabbling with LittleBigPlanet 3. Most of his playtime has been spent in Siberia Syberia, a classic adventure game from 2002 that has had a solid port to mobile and has, in Jim’s opinion, held up very well after all these years.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force hasn’t had the same warm reception from Dave, who thinks it’s awful. He’s also played Mother Russia Bleeds, and you’ll hear all about that in his review on Monday, and more Dragon Quest VII on 3DS. Perhaps he’s sticking to the 3DS because his wife is hogging the TV to play with the Contraptions and Vault Dweller DLC for Fallout 4?

Dom’s also had plenty of portable gaming time, enjoying God Eater: Resurrection on the PS Vita and starting a second run through Fire Emblem Fates while spending time travelling back and forth on the train. When not on a train, he’s spent time playing Blood God Eater 2: Rage Burst and the rather lovely Hue.

Finally, we come to Aran, who’s had a very busy week trying to become the King of Wales. He formed an alliance by marrying Scottish royalty, who then assisted his attempted conquest by sending him an army. Adding to the drama, his second wife was trying to have his son killed, so he had her executed. Oh right, I should mention that this was while playing Crusader Kings 2.

Alongside that, Aran’s reviewed the disappointing Armikrog, started playing Tales from the Borderlands, enjoyed playing the short rhythm platformer 140, and traded in No Man’s Sky.

But now it’s over to you. What have you played this past week? Did you get plenty of time in over the long weekend to clear some gaming backlog?

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  1. The usual Dead Island co-op with Forrest and Pixel (and some more solo) and GTA online with Forrest, Pixel and heedbaw.
    Apart from that I’ve mainly been replaying Dark Cloud (on my US account) and have platinumed it for the second time.

  2. Tidying up all trophies in Gone Home, this masterpiece of a game has easily snatched the top spot of most-playthroughs of a game ever. Well, it’s not the longest game, as you can finish it under a minute. :o)
    A must-play, 10/10.

    I also finished The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (or was that the week before?), which was enjoyable throughout, with some excellent ideas (e.g. the house riddle, and the abduction). The riddles were all very easy, I just failed to read what was on screen for one, as I was playing too late and obviously got too tired…

    And, I finally played Thomas was alone, which was sitting on my hard drive since we got it with Plus. I made it through 3.x, hoping from the beginning it would get better, but then couldn’t stand the bore any longer stacking these bars on top of each other without any challenge whatsoever. Definitely not my game, but one less on my backlog.

  3. Deciding whether or not to treat myself to a game for my 39th Birthday which is today the big 40 next :o,The week started with Dying Light both solo and with Forrest and R1MJAW,more Division with Zerka Forrest and Toutski,quite a bit of the Battlefield 1 Beta,GTAV is on the cards for tonight with R1MJAW heedbaw and Forrest.

    • Happy Birthday Pixel – you’re still on the right side of 40! ;)

      • Lol only just,thanks Bonyman ;)

      • Many happy returns Pixel, hope those new swanky slip on shoes for your birthday are a tight fit and don’t fly off when you are dancing at a nephews wedding…could have someones eye out! :P

  4. Happy Birthday @Pixel
    @Andrewww – Gone Home was okay but yes shortest game ever a trophy for completing it in under a min suprised me xD

    Played and completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided….. twice first playthrough was all side missions and no kills plus mop ups from multiple save files. 2nd run was a failed attempt for the no alarms triggered but did get the collectibles. Going to start my 3rd playthrough tomorrow on the hardest difficulty and hopefully no alarms triggered….. hopefully.

  5. I got the platinum out of Coffin Dodgers during the week. I’ve also been playing Riptide GP2, Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens on Vita, Hustle Kings and Pure Pool since the kids are getting into Pool games.

    I’m also glad there is a bit more flesh to VR World’s as I thought it would be fairly rubbish.

    @Pixel also happy birthday.

    • Cheers David ;)

      • Sorry Divid auto correct.

      • No probs. I forgive the auto spell error as you maybe shocked as it’s my real name :D

      • Best to be on safe side ;)

  6. Been playing a bit of No Man’s Sky and I managed to get the platinum without too much fuss! Great time, supremely addictive and luckily for me not to crashy.

  7. I chipped away a few more stars in Driveclub and played a bit of the Nioh beta but not as much as i would have liked because my internet service has an ongoing issue with disconnecting randomly for anything from 5 mins to three days at a time.
    Mostly though, it’s been NMS. About 90 hours played now and last night i found some valuable collectible objects i had never seen before – just as i was planning to leave having gotten 100% discoveries. Instead i spent another few hours on the planet filling my boots and running back and forth to the trading posts. I think i should probably make just a few more runs before i move on – it took this long to discover them i don’t know when i’ll see them again if i leave this system! :)

  8. Oh whey, oh whey, What have i been playing? Assassain’s Creed IV!
    Oh Whey, Oh Whey, What else have I been playing? Portal 2!
    Why, oh why am I parodying the Broken Brother Nero TNA theme? Because it is very catchy!

  9. Battlefield 4, and the BF1 beta… when it works. Not sure what to make of it really.

    Also made a start on Beyond Two Souls.

    • Yeah, I’ve had lots of connection problems with the BF1 beta (but it’s to be expect I guess).

      I’m also not totally sold on the game. It just feels a bit… off. I can’t really say why, but I just don’t find it as fun as previous Battlefield games.

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