Pick Up DLC On The Cheap In The EU PS Store

This week’s EU PlayStation Store discounts see Sony bringing back their “DLC Deals” and letting you get more out of your games for a little bit less, whether on PS4 or PS3. It’s a good time to grab the Driveclub Season Pass or Bikes expansion, while Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is under £7 and Batman: Arkham Knight’s season pass is 50% off at £8.

Beyond that, this week’s Deal of the Week has UFC 2 dropping in price by 45% to £29.99


Here’s the big long list of DLC now on offer.



Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Oh ffs! Why is… it had to be cheap when i’m….

    *throws laptop out of window*

    Yes, i’m annoyed that the ME3 DLC is cheap and that I would get it if i was employed. Some are bargains. #Firstworldproblems.

    • #Not trying hard enough … ;P
      #Don’t give up
      #Don’t be too choosy
      #Think of the money
      #Best of luck

      • #punchingTSbonyintheface

      • I know, it can be frustrating looking for work and i know from your previous comments that you’ve been actively looking for work so you’re on the right track mate, you’ll get there.

      • I’m no longer frustrated to be honest. Do feel I’ll be back in work in the next 6-10 months. Just really hate it when sales happen when I am unable to spare the cash.

        Do hate that Channel 5 has a very unhealthy obession with unemployment and the benefit system. Seriously, is there a memo i missed about being very interesting? Because existing from day to day doesn’t make for exciting life.

  2. I was kinda hoping that the fallout 4 DLC would be on the list (except nuka world)

    I hoping they will do a GOTY edition eventually.

    some good offers here expecially the witcher DLC

  3. All the battlefield 4 dlc is free again! Chuffed because I missed dragons teeth last time ;)

  4. Tropico 5 and Bloodbowl stuff for meee

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