Forgotton Anne Announced By Square Enix Collective

The Square Enix Collective is an excellent initiative, allowing this major publisher to nurture indie indie development and bring forth some fascinating and adventurous new games. Last month, for example, saw the release of The Turing Test, and today at EGX, Square Enix Collective have announced Forgotton Anne, a game being developed by ThroughLine Games.

Correction: Oops, it’s “Forgotton” and not “Forgotten”…


Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017, this is a story-driven 2D cinematic adventure. It’s set in the Forgotton Realm, where mislaid items from the real world end up, including Anne and Master Bonku. Your quest is to find a way to escape this realm and return home.

Phil Elliott, creator and project lead on Square Enix Collective said, “Square Enix Collective is chuffed to partner with ThroughLine Games to bring Forgotton Anne to PC and consoles. With its striking mix of Japanese-influenced animation, strong narrative-driven gameplay and world-class musical score – courtesy of the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra’s game debut – we’re sure Forgotton Anne will impress gamers throughout EGX and all the way to next year’s launch”.

Source: press release

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  1. looks interesting, one to keep an eye on.

    but, Master Bonko?
    really? o_O

  2. Animations could do with some more frames, but otherwise it looks interesting.

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