What We Played #274: PlayStation VR, FIFA 17 & Gears Of War 4

Are you excited yet? With the deluge of PlayStation VR related information this week, the wait has now become unbearable for what appears to be a wonderful entry point to the world of VR, with the most comfortable and affordable headset yet, all attached to this generation’s best selling console. Of course, after next week you can immediately become excited about PS4 Pro but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I’ve been spending time this with some of my favourite titles of the year thus far, with Forza Horizon 3 and Madden 17 proving that the art of the sequel is alive and well. I didn’t have quite as much fun with Paper Mario: Color Splash but it’s still a lot of fun despite some flaws. I’m now trying to work out whether I can fit in Gears of War 4 before PSVR arrives, when Driveclub VR, Battlezone, Batman: Arkham VR, Eve:Valkyrie and Tethered – more on that one next week – are on my must-buy list.

Tef got a PSVR and spent the weekend putting it through its paces. For many of you this should mean he is not your friend, and cruel fate has played a horrible trick on you. On the other hand he’s done all sorts of PSVR related stuff for you to read and watch and about a million reviews (this may be hyperbole). He loved Batman: Arkham VR, and is still very much enjoying Battlezone,which you can expect a review of next week. He also managed to play Destiny and gave us some super-secret hints about what else he’s been up to:

My VR time was all cut short by a trip to Sweden, which if you know your developers and their geographical locations will let you fill in the blanks as to what I was playing – that’s all I’m actually allowed to say a moment.

Tuffcub is the luckiest bear this week, as Teflon has passed our PSVR unit to him for a couple days while he was out of the country. It seems as though he’s spent rather a lot of time watching the Great British Bake-Off in it though, where Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry can be viewed on a vast virtual screen!

I’ve been sucked (steady on) back into Destiny (phew) once more and am grinding (fnar) my way up the light levels again. Part of me is very aware it is waste of time, but another part wants the digital shiny things and big numbers. I’ve also been playing as much PSVR games as possible including Driveclub VR, Super Stardust VR, Tumble VR, Batman Arkham VR, RIGS, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Battlezone, and the deep sea diving bit of PlayStation VR Worlds. Basically all the VR!

Our newest writer at TSA Towers is Steve, and he’s been playing the “frankly bizarre” Manual Samuel, as well as some Witcher 2 and LEGO: Pirates Of The Caribbean. Sadly he’s been laid up with a stinking head cold, but he’s cracked out his trusty PSP Go and got back into Resident Evil Director’s Cut. Hopefully he can still operate all his fingers through the potential cramp.

Miguel has been playing Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies and Clustertruck, while Jake has been falling further down the Destiny rabbit hole, with plenty of Supremacy Iron Banner while fitting in time for some all-important beta testing for Pokémon Liquid Crystal, his fan remake of Pokémon Crystal.

Kris has been playing a serious amount of FIFA 17 and dropped in to let us know his thoughts on taking a lower league club through a season;

I haven’t tried the story mode yet, have mostly just been playing a few random matches as the mighty Brighton. It’d be lovely if we got promoted this season, just so we could have actually accurate face scans in the next game. As it stands, there’s only about three players on the Brighton team who actually look like their real world counterparts, a consequence of them previously playing in the Premier League. The rest of the squad is just vague approximations. In terms of the actual gameplay, it feels good, although I don’t really understand the new technique for corners.

It’s been a frustrating week for Dave as he’s spent time with Dragon Quest Builders, but it looks as though he got over it with the amazing PS+ offering Transformers: Devastation by punching Decepticons in the face. Matt meanwhile got to review Gears of War 4, and he rather liked it!

Aran has also been on the FIFA 17 train, where he made it through The Journey and started on the potential ruinous Ultimate Team mode. He also finished Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands, possibly displacing The Wolf Among Us at the top of his personal Telltale game charts.

Finally it’s Jim’s turn to fill us in on his week, and what a packed week it has been!

This week started with some more King’s Quest. Although not the series’ strongest episode, Snow Place Like Home moves the story on nicely (if a little too quickly at times).

Uncharted 4 has reeled me in once again with its multiplayer. Those daily challenges and popping open loot chests drag me back day after day for my fix.

Modern Warfare Remastered is also up there, as is Ni No Kuni and Syberia 2. Mount & Blade: Warband has been getting some serious attention too, though I’m quickly realising how demanding it will be to become conqueror of all Calradia.

Now then, what have you been playing? And are you able to contain yourself until the arrival of PSVR?

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  1. GTA and FIFA 17 with Dividsmyth. FIFA being perhaps my favourite footy game thus far and that’s coming from someone often choosing PES.
    Forza Horizon 3 – simply amazing! I thought Horizon 2 would be the peak but Playground games have done it again.
    Bridge Constructor and Rock ‘n Roll racing because us know; cheeves and all.
    A little Diablo III with KennyKazey.

    Oh, and Mafia III of course, which is proving to be a bit addicting. Into the open world now and the story, gameplay and soundtrack are amazing as to be expected. The visuals seem a little weak but that is my only gripe so far.

    After the weekend it is all about Gears 4

  2. Taking a break from TESIV:Oblivion and decided to play Bioshock. Starting with Bioshock one. Got most of the game done. Just in the tedious parts of it and well, i’m rushing it. Losing interest rapidly as it is just burning out. I dislike the cheating bastard aspect of the hacking minigame because the game has screwed me over several times. Somehow, it expects me to know that the one tile I should change or revealing all the tiles quicker then the water reaching the first tile. Too many alarm or overload tiles are common and damnright unfair. How the heck am I meant to know that the only route available is the one i find out after alarm and overload central?

    Makes me glad that Bioshock kicked it out in favour of a simple one. Bioshock 2 is easily my favourite. More emotional story, saddest endings in the franchise and shows Rapture in all it’s screwed up glory along with exploring aspects of it. I really don’t know why people hate it so much. Have heard because it’s not by Irrational but by 2k studios but honestly? It improved on the original and the gameplay is much slicker. They managed to take a generic sounding character and give him character development without actually uttering a single word.

  3. I’ve mostly played the game ‘working my a*** off before going on holidays’, so I didn’t play too much.

    But I continued some SOMA, which actually got an awful lot better than the pretty lame beginning. The underwater sections are excellent, as long as the framerate doesn’t dip too low, and it really offers some cosy scares.

    And, of course, I had to play the Outlast 2 demo as soon as it got on the store (or I realised it did), which easily was the highlight of the week. Very spooky, and as much as I usually dislike unnecessary gore, this game is great fun..! I’m very much looking forward to it.

  4. Just been playing a few hours at a time here and there.Nothing has been holding my attention,anyway i platinumed Oceanhorn last week and Trine 3 the other day.Going to try for Final Horizon (3/4 way through) and Code:Realize on the Vita.Also might show the PS3 some love by having a go of Prince of Persia.

    • Final Horizon is brilliant. Was well chuffed to get fastest platinum back in the day.

      • Hate strategy games but i have to agree Final Horizon was/is a really good game.

  5. Haven’t had time for as much gaming as I’d have liked this week. But still:

    Played a bit of Horizon 3, which is amazing on Xbox. And a dissapointment on PC…

    Some Diablo 3 with WaxBull.

    A few hours of Pokémon White, which is the first time I play with “Set” battle-mode. Which is basically turning off easy-mode. Wish I’d done it before.

    And a bit of GTA V on PC. Much grass. Very draw-distance. Wow!

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