EU PS Store Update 11/10/2016: The PlayStation VR Launch Edition

This week could mark a historic moment in the push for home VR gaming as Sony’s PlayStation VR headset will be released on Thursday. No doubt many of you have either pre-ordered the headset or may be looking to get one eventually. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise then that a lot of the games popping up on the PlayStation Store this week are for the headset. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other regular games in the line up, with the likes of Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration, WWE 2K17, and Dragon Quest Builders.

As always the full list of new additions is below:





  • WWE 2K17 – £39.99
  • Doodle God Bundle (October 12th)


  • Castle Invasion: Throne Out – £4.49
  • Royal Defense Ultimate Collection (October 12th)
  • Doodle God Bundle (October 12th)
  • Dragon Quest Builders (October 14th)


  • Overwatch
    • Halloween Loot Box x2
    • Halloween Loot Box x5
    • Halloween Loot Box x11
    • Halloween Loot Box x24

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Forgot Tomb Raider was out this week, nice!

  2. Where is thether? I thought it was a launch game, also how much will it cost? ?

    • Tethered has been held back a few weeks so it doesn’t get lost in the Day One rush.

      • Thanks Tuffcub, was looking forward to trying it, but I can wait, preordered drive club instead as already have the season pass anyway, and rigs, that should keep me happy till then ?

  3. Anyone know if Red Dead Revolver is worth a purchase?

    • Yeah, I want to know this too!

      • After a bit of googling, the conclusion I’ve come to is it’s good but not great. Probably get it when it’s on sale in the spring, I’ve got plenty of other games in my backlog anyway ;)

  4. Just a massive heads up, WWE2k17 on the PS3 is literally a roster update. Bastards added nothing else to it. Yes, I’m annoyed about it as I was hoping that it would contain more then that. Thankfully, I’ve not paid for it. Been lurking on some forums and people are reporting that the PS3 version is a roster update with nothing new whilst current gen gets everything. Shouldn’t have released it on last gen, 2k. Gits.

  5. Nice! I’m holding out for Rez, gonna have to check it doesn’t require VR as I’m stuck in good, old fashioned 2D for the time being!

    • Rez is on the store (for pre-order) listed as “PS VR Compatible”.

      For some reason, it doesn’t have the blue and white bar across the top of the image for it that all the other PSVR compatible (or “required”) games have. Because Sony are obviously trying to make things even more confusing. Or maybe they just assume everyone wants a stupid expensive robot hat so it doesn’t matter?

  6. Will you be reviewing 100ft Robot Golf?

    • Not in the next couple of days, but it’s somewhere on the to do list!

  7. If you have Stardust, Volume, Hustle Kings or a number of other games, the VR update will be free. So don;t buy em twice!

    EDIT: Apparently they are not free, but you get a discount. Which isn’t what we were told previously. Grr.

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