Dead Star Delisted With Servers Shutting Down On November 1st

Armature Studio’s Dead Star was released in April and was part of the PlayStation Plus line up for that month. The game is a multiplayer shoot’em up pitting teams of up to 10 players against each other in procedurally generated arenas. At least it will be for the next couple of weeks. Armature has taken the decision to remove Dead Star from PSN and Steam effective immediately, and on November 1st the servers will be shut down for good by Armature due to cost.

Armature’s Jack Mathew’s spoke to Kotaku about the decision.


“We are shutting down the game because, bluntly, the costs of operating the game now exceed its income. This decision was not taken lightly internally, and was extremely sad to me personally. Armature put a lot of time, love and studio resources into both the game and the community, and we are extremely grateful to our community for their support in keeping this going as long as it could.”

Though Dead Star has been delisted it is still available to download if you have it in your library, though only the tutorial will be playable after the shutdown.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. First time I heard of this and if i recall, not really advertised that well. No surprise that this is being shut down. It does sound generic though and well, Overwatch kinda has the MMOFPS market cornered atm.

    • It’s not a FPS though, MMO or any other kind.

      It’s a weird twin-stick shooter MOBA type thing. So something a bit different, and quite fun. For a while. But like all those sorts of games, it gets boring quite quickly (unless you’re one of those weird people that like playing the same level a million times).

      If there wasn’t so much else to entertain me with PS+, I’d be a bit annoyed they killed off one of the games 7 months after giving it to us.

  2. I’m sure Sony will see fit to replace the game with another one.I was only looking at this last night to see how many trophies i had left.Sad news to hear anyway.

  3. So those that paid for it on the PS4 and on Nov the 1st will they then get their money back due to not being able to play the game???????

    It’s like a company walking into your home, picking up a game on a disc and saying “you cannot play this anymore” EVEN though you paid for it.

    It’s got to be illegal…you can’t close a game off making it unplayable IF people have bought it!!! You must refund them.

    • I’m guessing it’s because we’re actually paying for a license to play the game as oppose to buying the game itself.

  4. That’s a very poor show, they asked people to pay for a game and can’t even run it for a year. Very bad management.

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