Razer Acquires THX For Undisclosed Fee, Expanding Into VR And AR

THX has been acquired by the gaming peripheral company Razer for an undisclosed fee. The brand will continue to operate its cinema and home projects but under Razer’s ownership THX will also be attempting to expand into the virtual reality and augmented reality markets. THX will continue to run as an independent organisation and will retain all its employees.

Ty Ahmad-Taylor, CEO of THX, said:


“Our focus has always been on ensuring that anyone can experience high-quality entertainment, regardless of their medium of choice. As a stand-alone company, THX will work with Razer but will primarily continue to service our partners in the industry.”

Razer is currently one of supporters of OSVR so the acquisition of THX could see some of the technology acquired be used in that arena.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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