Jack Won’t Stay Dead In The Latest Resident Evil 7 Clip

The latest World of Resident Evil videos show how to heal yourself in game and a particulary gory encounter with Jack Baker.  Up until now the enemies of the game have been spooky but had very few inhuman traits, but Jack seems to be a tad immortal.

Source: YouTube 1/2

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  1. Erm…. that is kinda a bit of a spoilery thing. If i was going into this completley blind, I would have been a tad bit miffed at finding out that what i think is a reoccuring boss doesn’t stay day.

    But as i’m not, it is good to hear that they are going(it seems) all out in making Resident Evil great again. It gives me a Mister X from 2, Nemesis from 3 vibe where they refuse to stay dead. Do hope that it’ll be a fair challenge and not a “Oh come on! Really? Again!? FFS! I just saved and you through this fecker up at me again!? Give me a fecking bleeding break!” challenge where it isn’t actually challenging but just a massive bullet sponge.

    Bullet sponge bosses tend to suck in horror games. Nemesis is one, granted but that dude exists beyond the confines of a sponge. He hunts you and keeps you on your toes.

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