Our PlayStation 4 Pro Is No Longer In A Box

Fans of my appearance on camera for the PSVR unboxing will be thoroughly disappointed; I didn’t have the time, patience or lighting to do that this time around. That’s alright though, because the PS4 Pro is much more interesting and better looking than I am. Probably more charasmatic as well.

Here’s our fairly quick unboxing video, showing you everything that’s in the package, but also cracking open the HDD bay and showing you how you might replace the drive if 1TB isn’t big enough for you, and putting the Pro onto the official vertical stand.

We’ll be back at the start of next week with our review of the system. We’ll answer all the tough questions: How does it handle 4K and HDR? Is there any point to this for 1080p gaming? Does it make PSVR more virtually real? What’s it like in person? Is it seeing anyone right now? All this and more, so stay tuned!

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  1. What’s it like in person?
    Is it seeing anyone right now?
    Is it free?
    If needed to be I have a PSVR and I think they will get along just fine. So send the Pro over to me ;)

  2. Ooooh ? can’t wait.
    Also nervous/excited to find out what driveclub vr looks like with it ?

  3. Tell me how it makes Rush Of Blood VR better. It’s literally all I want to know.

  4. Thanks for showing the access to the hard drive Stefan,can I ask (come across maybe thick) as I wasn’t 100% from the video is it still a laptop hard drive like in previous PlayStation consoles?,only this 2.5 to 3.0 thingy is confusing me is it just a speed thing is it the connection that’s slightly different or is it the larger size hard drive you see in PC’s and a lot of externals,in short will a hard drive like the ones I’ve been using in my PS4 be fine for this? Thanks

  5. Does anyone know if it’s possible take the HDD out of an ‘old’ PS4 and put it in the Pro?
    The Pro can use SATA III which should speed up loading a bit.

    • This is what confuses me,wondering if I need another hdd is sata 3 one of the big boys or still like 2.5 in size but different some other way wow I sound dumb lol

      • It uses 2.5 inch upto 9mm thick. I’m not sure if the drive in the Pro is SATA II or III but III is 6Gb/s as opposed to 3Gb/s of SATA II.

      • Any 9.5mm thick 2.5″ drive you can put into a PS4 can be used in a PS4 Pro – SATA is the connector and SATA 3 is a faster version of the same thing, but says nothing about the physical size of the drive. However, if you take it from one console and put it into another, the drive has to be reformatted by the new console which wipes all of the data.

        SATA 3 will only speed up load times if the drive you’re using is too much for SATA 2, which only happens if you’re using an SSD. Conventional kinetic HDDs simply don’t spin fast enough to saturate the connection, and that’s especially true of a 2.5″ drive at 5400rpm.

        So yes you can swap the drives, but be prepared to either do an external backup or download everything again, and don’t expect things to be faster.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s sata 3,is there a way to know if the had is sata 3 guessing mine isn’t as it’s a Samsung spinpoint M9T

    • The normal PS4 uses SATA drives, with some sort of SATA to USB adaptor in the PS4. The Pro seemingly avoids that USB part.

      SATA 3 should give up to 6Gbit/s, compared to 5 for USB 3.0, so not a huge difference. And if a game has a Pro version that needs to load more data (better textures for 4K?), that might just wipe out any speed advantage.

      The only difference between the drives you can use seems to be that while they’re both 2.5 inch drives, with a maximum 9.5mm height, the Pro supposedly has a lot less space to maybe squeeze a bigger drive in.

      So you can _probably_ take the drive out of an old PS4 and put it in a Pro. But it’ll wipe all your data out, so you need to back it up first.

      • Think I’m going the the way of putting my back up 2TB in the Pro hooking them both up via Ethernet cable and copying the 2TB in my PS4 over,might save a bit of faffing about and maybe be a little faster not sure.

    • A HDD won’t get near the 3Gb/s of SATA 2, if you’re wondering. However of course SATA 3 is the newer standard and there’s no reason NOT to use it.

      SATA versions are inter compatible though.

  6. Thanks for the info Cam,Tef,MrYd ;)

    • Glad to help.
      And thanks Tef, I was hoping I could put the drive out of my PS4 into the Pro and it would save me having to download everything but that idea is out of the window.

  7. Beautiful hands Tef and just the right amount of manly arm hair! Oh and nice unboxing, good idea to show the hdd swap. I’m not a fan of the stand but the rest of the machine looks great!
    Oh I’ve just found out I get to try PSVR tonight, not sure it’s a good idea after an evening at the pub but I’m still excited!

    • Ha, thanks. :)

      The stand is a little bit odd, but means the intake vents along the bottom are properly unobstructed. There’ll be some cheap £5 ones that do the old thing on eBay soon enough.

      That’s a terrible idea, but if you can, play Sports Bar VR. Should help ease the transition… or something.

      • I was crushed to discover that my friends PSVR hadn’t arrived yet, bugger. He seemed less bothered, what’s wrong with him!!!!

  8. I just want to know why I would upgrade my PS4 to this when I can already play games in HDR on my standard PS4 thanks to the firmware upgrade…
    Not interested in PS VR, but do have a 4K TV so will wait and see what the review says….

  9. I’m wondering what the noise level is like. My Ps4 can get fairly loud at times when playing intensive games, or even just from spinning up a disc when watching blu-ray.

    • Not sure I’m allowed to say about the Pro yet, but its Blu-ray drive is the same spec as the PS4 slim and the base PS4s are just as loud when spinning up discs. Fan noise will be the potential point of differentiation.

      • I’m betting little difference on the fan noise. It looks very similar to the Slim, in fact it looks like someone super-glued two slims together, and with some of the specs doubled and an increase in clock, I can’t see much in the way of quieter console. That said, I do believe people exaggerate a smidgen with old PS4’s noise under load. Yeah it’s a bit noisy compared to other equipment, but only laptop fan type of noisy, not vacuum cleaner noisy.

      • I wholeheartedly disagree with you Avenger, mine gets hoover loud, espesh when playing AAA games, or VR in fact. And it has been like that from day one, so it’s not because of dust.
        Never heard a laptop sound like that.

      • I’ll have to give it another listen mid-way through the Monday racing meet. I do wear a headset so any noise from anything is blocked out, but I’ve taken the headset off for a while and heard the PS4 run under load.

  10. Thanks for unboxing-clever!
    I really don’t need one but it’s quite possible i’ll pick one up before i buy a PSVR.

    • I definitely need one! I’m PS4-less at the moment as I traded it in on Tuesday so that the Pro works out cheaper.

      • I think i understand the word ‘prerequisite’ now ;)

      • prerequisite – a thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.
        I thought why not save some cash as I don’t need both a PS4 and Pro. Just got to survive 10 days without one, I haven’t got withdrawal symptoms yet!

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