What We Played #278 – Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Doom & Football Manager 17

It’s November, so it’s alright to talk about Christmas now, right? Since you’ve all agreed – at least in my head – let’s begin! It’s fair to say that there are a bevy of potential gifts that could find your way under your Christmas tree, and Sony in particular will be hoping that they’ve put out something for everybody. Whether it’s a Slim, a Pro or a PSVR, I genuinely don’t think you can be disappointed with a product from the Japanese company this festive season. A raft of games are available that will make the most of each of them, and if you’re only just jumping in to the current generation you’ve picked a fantastic time for it.

Of course, you wouldn’t be disappointed by an Xbox One S either, and you should never knock a cut-price Wii U given its library of spectacular games. Perhaps you’re just not interested in the latest generation of consoles at all, and are hankering after Nintendo’s NES Mini. And who could blame you?

Looking forward to one of this year’s remaining releases, I’ve made a start on a Final Fantasy XIII run-through to get me in the mood. It still looks fantastic, but I’m having to make my way through the heavily prescribed opening, while hammering the X button through the ‘Auto-Battle’ encounters. I think I’m still having fun, mind you!

Other than that it’s been some Tethered, some Thumper, and some Rise of the Tomb Raider while I’ve been reviewing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, which turned out to be pretty good fun. I also picked up Titanfall 2 as well, so that’s me set for the coming weekend.

Our Jim was the first to drop in with his two-pence worth of playtime;

It’s been almost exclusively Overwatch and Skyrim for me. I’m at that point now where I’ve reached my peak playing in the current competitive season, falling just shy of 3,000. It wasn’t until I started digging around for teammates via LFG sites that I realised that’s actually a respectable tier. Skyrim, meanwhile, has sucked me in despite my disliking of the original. It’s such a well crafted world and one you can explore however you wish, whether as a warrior, thief, mage, or any combination of the three.

Aside from that I’ve been playing the excellent Wario Land 2 as I go through some retro classics.

Despite a heavy dose of man-flu, Steve battled through Ori & The Blind Forest, as well as Exile’s End and Unravel. He also found time to make a start on the almighty Doom while checking out this month’s new offerings for PS+. Being a great dad, he also played some Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga with his little ones.

Miguel has once again clocked in time on Overwatch, while he reviewed BlazBlue Central Fiction and made a start on Steins;Gate 0. Aran meanwhile reviewed Windlands on the PSVR which made him a bit ill to start with, as well as Football Manager 17 which presumably did not make him quite so queasy. Unless he was managing Sunderland.

Our resident gymaholic Tuffcub has played a ton of Titanfall 2, and has been enjoying it greatly, while he also made a start on Skyrim Remastered. He’s reviewing Weeping Doll VR, and thought he’d give Carmageddon Max Damage a go. Sadly the handling is absolutely dreadful so he’s sending it straight back from whence it came!

Dave is in Mexico -Do you know what’s worse than knowing a friend is in an amazing place having a great time? When they send you pictures of it! Still, even though it looks amazing, he’s also found time to play Phoenix Wright Trilogy on the bus! And when he gets back he’s reviewing Pokemon Sun/Moon! What a horrible time he’s having!

Finally, our illustrious leader Teflon dropped in to make us also feel a bit jealous:

So, this week’s been a fun one! There’s been more fiddling with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, following on from a review event at the end of last week, the review of which went live bright and early this morning. With the finale out at the start of the week, I also returned to Hitman to explore its wonderful levels some more.

Then there was the PS4 Pro, where I saw and played various games, not least of which were GT Sport (in 4K and on PSVR), Nioh, Ratchet & Clank, and several others. PS4 Pro really does do a good job of pushing 4K. I’ll have more about that early next week…

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. World of Final Fantasy this week (tiny Sephiroth is sooooo cute), and some Fallout 4 (nothing cute there)

    And some of the plus games. Including the one where you can’t swear. The word “punt” was the best it would allow, so many times. I’m sure it’s teasing me.

  2. Platinumed FIFA 17 (110) and Virginia (111). The latter was actually a very complex story, although admittedly I didn’t fully understand it all until I did some “further reading”.

    I also restored 100% trophies to The Division by completing the Underground DLC. The game is vastly, vastly improved since the large 1.4 Patch. Decent gear is now more easily obtainable which also makes getting the Gear Sets you want easier – before it was an absolute chore and took ages!

    Also started Rise of the Tomb Raider. It’s ok, just a carbon copy of the reboot remaster. Had thought the visuals might have been improved somewhat, but it doesn’t appear so. Lara is still rather like a ragdoll to control – you never feel 100% in control of her and the movement and jumping is a bit shitty looking at times. Nice to play a linear game for a chance rather than open World stuff, with the regular cut-scene interruptions to break up the gameplay. Also played some of the Endurance mode with Teflon which was pretty fun actually. Things can escalate pretty quickly too!

    Been frustrating myself with the Garden Warfare 2 DLC. If anyone wants to help/play Boss Hunt mode when the mystery portal opens for it again in a couple of weeks, let me know. Two of the trophies are impossible with randoms!

    Got Dishonored, Watch Dogs 2 coming soon and haven’t started World of Final Fantasy yet – too many games!!

    • Double blow for you then mate as Rise does indeed venture into Open Worldy stuff after a few ‘let’s get started’ chapters.
      I absolutely love the game, albeit with limited gameplay time these days, but can certainly accept the negatives posted by several people…horses for courses and jazz all that ;)

      • Yeah I’ve since discovered this mate :(

        Seems like such a way to cheapen the longevity of a game – rather than give you new locations, we’ll keep recycling the old and make you go back and forth across it many, many times. Boo!

        Doesn’t feel nearly as good as the reboot – controlling Lara seems a bit like controlling a drunk spider.

      • Must admit though, one thing that grates a little is the sheer amount of bronze trophies with an absolute miniscule of silvers or scarlet pimpernel golds in the game.
        I’ve completed the game then retraced steps via fast travel camps to complete missions and pick up collectables….97% complete with mostly bronzes and one silver(DLC I think :P), no golds in sight lol!

  3. Been playing Batman: Arkham VR and got the 100% a couple of games from the VR World, played Gears 4 and got to try put the 2 new maps on private server before it is officially released to everyone. Was good wee fun just disappointed that they are from the previous gears as oppose to a new map…. cause I’m paying for the season pass!
    Still playing Fifa 17 FuT and so close to getting Augero to sorta complete my team lol.
    Bought Battlefield 1 Monday and loving it, mostly Multiplayer and haven’t started the campaign because I need to complete Mafia III before starting Battlefield and oh my I think it’s been two weeks and have forgetting the controls and the bugs are still there sadly =/ but I can tell I am near to completion ^^
    Really a busy week of gaming for me and more for the weekend also got Watchdogs 2 on Pre-Order! Better get some HDD space pronto!

  4. The usual Riptide and GTA online co-op.
    Lots of solo GTA online grinding to reach level 100 and finally snag the platinum.
    More Dragon Quest Builders. Just started the final chapter.

  5. Not a lot this week. Made a start on ResiEvil Zero after picking it up in the Halloween sale. Not the best RE game but I haven’t played it since 2002, so it’s been nice to revisit it.

    Other than that, I downloaded Letter Quest and found myself getting quite addicted to it. Really enjoyable little word game and one I’m going to try to 100%.

  6. I found my first ‘portal’ in NMS so i hung around there for quite a bit and then hopped next door to the next planet, which has the highest density of critters i’ve yet encountered and some striking views so i’ll be sticking around there for a while too … which means that i won’t be grabbing that platinum trophy anytime soon. :/

    I also checked out the plus content. I gave BMX Pumped and Letter Quest a fair go before realising i didn’t want to play them anymore. (approx five seconds each)
    And Tower of Monsters, nice graphics and cheesy b-movie humour, gameplay not terrrible. Although if i’m honest i FFWD through a lot of the humour. And i somehow downloaded the trial by mistake but i have it sorted now.

    • Ooh, the portals are weird eh? I’ve seen one too, I couldn’t help mucking around, Goolging lists of things to try on it, flying in all directions to see if there was a connected relic and inevitably wasting about an hour achieving nowt :P Shame they don’t do anything! I think my time away from NMS has left me wanting a lot more, my most significant complain being that there are only three races in the whole galaxy! Fingers crossed for some sort of massive content drop in the new year.

      I’ve been playing a bit of GTA Online, zooming around doing biker jobs (in a car) and inching my way towards level 50. I’ve also played through Actual Sunlight which was sincere and thought provoking, I’m glad I played. I think the story would’ve been better told in a book though, no need to risk it being lost in a very low-effort looking game.

      • A few more alien races would definitely be neat but i’m still half-expecting portals to be activated later on in a future update. They’d be the perfect accompaniment to the base-building update they’re working on.

  7. Just started a horror game binge. After playing The Kitchen demo and last week’s excellent SOMA, I finished Layers of fear, which was not half as good, but ok. It had some good ideas though.

    Then I started Here they lie. Finally a VR game in which you can move around halfway normally. I switched those weird auto-turns off, increased turning sensitivity and am running most of the time (which still is quite slow). It feels as if I got closer to where I would start feeling sick, but just closer, it’s still perfectly ok. After my first 2.5 hours, however, I got quite a headache, probably need more breaks. Still, the game is good, being really in this city is amazing, and quite creepy, and the story is odd in an interesting way.

    And I just bought Until Dawn and The Order 1886 in the sale to continue satisfying my current need for scares.

  8. Rainbow Six: Siege. Very excited for the new DLC. Also rented Skyrim and Titanfall 2. Realised I want them both. A pretty limited week in all.

  9. Finished The Order 1886, only cost 99p, so can’t complain. Finished Firewatch, was hoping for something more exciting. Gone back to AC Syndicate to finish off some side missions while I wait for Watch Dogs 2.

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