Telltale’s Marvel Game Seems To Be Based On Guardians Of The Galaxy

It’s long been known that Telltale were developing a new game series based on a Marvel license, but there’s been absolutely no indication as to what it might be. All we knew was that it’s planned for release next year, but in the midst of SAG-AFTRA’s voice actors strike, it seems that it’s going to be based on Guardians of the Galaxy.

In listings spotted by ComicBookMovie, both “Guardians of the Galaxy- The Video Game a/k/a Blue Harvest” and Walking Dead Season 3 are attributed to “O’Farrell Enterprises, LLC”, linking the two.



Elsewhere, Crispin Freeman, the voice actor behind Overwatch’s Winston, has weighed in on the reasons behind the strike. Speaking to Gamespot, he said that after 19 months of negotiations, “It was the last thing we wanted to do, but they left us with no choice,” and that “right now they treat us like we don’t matter.”

He continues that, “I’ve been asked to work on games without knowing what the game was and then shown up and been told that I’m going to have to use the N word repeatedly as my character with no warning ahead of time. I’ve been asked to work on games without them saying that it’s the same game again, and so they tried to undercut my salaries. It’s a common drone with a lot of video game stuff.

“I understand the video game industry is very secretive, and so we told them it doesn’t have to be during auditions. During auditions, keep it all codenames and top secret. But when you decide you want to hire an actor, and you call up their agent and say, ‘We want you for this game,’ you have to tell them what the game is. I don’t know anyone who would go to work not knowing what they’re working on, and yet we’re asked to do this continuously.”

There’s a lot more to the reasons behind the strike, but Freeman nails it when he says that the videogames industry is very secretive. Voice acting sessions often happen months, if not years prior to the game even being announced, and companies always want to be able to control the message.

So why would you tell actors what they’re working on when you have actors adding games like Devil May Cry V to their CV, telling us 3 years ago that Uncharted 4 would visit Italy – in the end he didn’t feature in the game, but that location did – letting slip their character in Final Fantasy XV, that Fallout 5 has gone into pre-production…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for voice actors getting the respect and recompense that they deserve for providing a truly integral part of what brings videogames to life, and it’s wrong for studios to be dismissive of their worth, but at the same time, there’s dozens of examples of major games leaking because an actor couldn’t keep it to themselves.

Source: ComicBookMovie, Gamespot


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  1. and if the game leaks?

    it wouldn’t be such a problem if the publishers didn’t have such a paranoid need to control everything, even reviews.

    i mean, did they keep reviews copies of Skyrim special edition back because of “spoilers” or “making sure the reviewers and players experience it at the same time” or just to stop reviews before launch, not that bethesda games ever have bugs or issues at launch. ¬_¬

    does it really matter to the game if there are rumours about it before official confirmation?
    not that i can see, there have been plenty of games that have had their existence leaked before their official announcements that have still sold millions.

    it;’s only a problem because of their need for absolute control.

    as for why the VAs should know what they’re working on, well, they should be able to decide if that’s a project they want to be a part of, and part of that is knowing what the project is.

    surely you’d want to know if you were voicing a character in one of those Japanese games where you grope half naked children, right?

    some actors might not want to have any part of that game, shouldn’t they have a right to know what they’re getting into?

    as for the “need” for secrecy, make them sign NDAs, i’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem.
    if an actor repeatedly breaks the NDAs, they’ll find less and less work coming their way, so they won’t want to break them.
    not deliberately anyway.

    and it’s not like the voice actors are the only one’s to ever let a game’s existence slip before time.

    so i have to say, i’m 100% supportive of the voice actors on this one.

    now the rest of the development community needs to get organised like this so they get better treatment.
    if even half the stories i’ve read about how they’re treated are true, it’s borderline criminal.

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