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Uncharted 4 Joins PlayStation’s 12 Deals of Christmas

If you love a good game at a good discount then the sixth entry for PlayStation’s 12 deals of Christmas is a steal. Uncharted 4 joins the line-up this time round and you can snag the game for £20 if you’re in the UK, around 24 Euros or about $25 Dollars depending on where you live. This is an exceptionally good deal considering Naughty Dog stated that all modes and maps for the foreseeable future would be free as the launchfree as they launch, with the survival co-op mode launching this week.

If you’re interested I finding out what the previous entries in the 12 deals of Christmas were then they’re listed below:

• Deal #5: Battlefield 1.
• Deal #4: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.
• Deal #3: Dishonored 2.
• Deal #2: Fallout 4.
• Deal #1: Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Anniversary Edition.

A new deal goes live every 48 hours at midday on the PlayStation store. The next update will be on Tuesday, so be sure not to miss out.

What games would you like to see at a discounted price in the run up to Christmas? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. That is very generous, well done ND and Sony! I’d quite like to part with my money in exchange for Deus Ex or Titanfall 2, the latter especially sounds wonderful and I’m really annoyed I didn’t get it from Amazon for £28, silly me.

    • Titanfall 2 is the next one according to the leaked list, which has been right for the first 6 games.

      (Then CoD:IW, Fifa17, GTA5, Watch Dogs 2 and FF15)

      • Awesome, cheers MrYd!

      • Ah, crap. I’m going to look stupid when Sony change the remaining deals because the list leaked early, aren’t I?

        Don’t blame me if they do. I’m only spreading rumours that are at least 50% true ;)

      • You sir, deserve a tangerine, apple and glove puppet to comprise your Christmas stocking this year for taking a peek at your presents before the hour. With a mandatory 16 hour Dickensian chimney sweep shift! :P

        A couple of teasers on that leaked list all the same…. ;)

      • Oh I dunno, I think shouting about a leak is a good thing, after all you’d want to know if the seal in your shower had gone sooner rather than later! Maybe not the best metaphor, hah. Oh and MrYd you won’t look stupid, either I’ll get what I want discounted or I’ll not spend the cash and have it for the post Christmas sales. Winner winner chicken dinner!

      • A seal in the shower?? This sounds like a recipe for disaster and a good reason why a seal does not make a good pet. They’ll just make a mess in the shower, eat all your food, and you can’t take them out clubbing on a Saturday night, as I’m lead to believe the young people like to do these days.

      • Yeah I hear the seals really don’t like it when one of their own is doing the clubbing.

      • FF15? Already? Damn.

  2. Already played Uncharted 4 and don’t really want to play it again.. Might consider Watch Dogs if that was £20 but I bet it will be more like £32…

  3. Just got a secondhand copy for €25. No regrets to buying physical but heck… this is a good deal

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