The Resident Evil 7 Finger USB Looks A Bit Saucy

There’s nothing like a bit of smut to kick start the week, and this comes courtesy of Capcom who have shared images of the finger shaped USB stick that ships with the collectors edition of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. A picture paints a thousand words, so here are two thousand of them.


Fans will know the dummy finger is found in the Resident Evil 7 demo which is currently available. The Collector’s Edition costs £149 and is exclusive to GAME in the U.K.

Source: Twitter


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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Some might say the finger looks a bit stiff :D

    • I bet some hardcore fans of the demo just got a stiffy

  2. Ha Resident Evil 6 with the cover of the Giraffe and the Rat and now this xD
    As for the collector’s Edition isn’t that the one without the game? I’m sure I read that somewhere it happened to Gears 4 and now Mass Effect Editions with/without disc!

  3. Not something I thought i’ll see as the first gaming related thing on a Monday.

    Is REsident Evil secretly turning into a really fecked up porn? :O

  4. Is that a Special Edition Resident Evil 7 USB finger in your pocket or do you have really poor genital hygiene?

  5. When you’d sooner own this than play Resident Evil 6 again…

  6. Did Capcom forget collectors editions are supposed to be desirable? That looks gross.

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